Winter Solstice Ceremony – A new beginning. Again!

What can I say about a husband who brings me a coffee (with cream) in bed every single morning, comes home to me every single night and makes me laugh out loud with as much regularity?

Oh, just this: He has supported me in every conceivable way over the last 5+ years as I attempted to heal from a broken heart and spirit.

Yeah, just that.

I can also say that he’s a thoughtful, enlightened soul, a fabulous cat dad, and he knows me very, very well. Case in point, this year’s birthday gift of a labyrinth walk to celebrate the Winter Solstice. I mean, c’mon. C’mon!

Last night, December 21st was the date and we really must begin with a tiny bit of research if we’re to do this topic justice. I like this explanation from CNN. <– Please click to read about the meaning of the Winter Solstice.

For me: What I love about it is that it’s turning an important corner for people (like me) who are affected by depression that’s worse during the dark days… because!!!… it’s the shortest day (in terms of daylight) of the year! Woooo Hoooo… we’ll get an extra second or two of daylight beginning TODAY! And more and more each day until Spring!

So, winter is now officially upon us and this is a time to go within, hibernate, tend to frozen (mental) underground in preparation for rebirth. What better way than a formal ceremony?

Gently Being‘s Kim and her partner created a labyrinth inside a historical building filled with love and light. It was once a church building, very welcoming, as was our greeter, who was (I believe) Kim’s mother. She was engaging and warm as we waited our turn to walk. Six of us at a time had appointments so that it would never be too crowded.

(Also – and Mom, you’ll appreciate this – it means there were 8 of us in there at a time! Folks, I must tell you about The Power of 8 – Lynne McTaggart. That’s for another day but you may certainly click on the link at your leisure.)   

Kim and her partner are musicians and they played the most beautiful, mystical sounding bells and drums, bowls and …. chimes? It was stunning! You can read more about the melodies and sound they use HERE.

We walked in silence, each on our own, taking our time and when we got to the centre, placing a wish for 2020 on the small evergreen tree.

And then we walked back… making our way to mats or benches around the edges. A full half-hour was allotted to us.

And people, I actually mediated. It was impossible NOT TO. I have goosebumps just saying that because I don’t think I’ve EVER had that kind of … seamless… experience.

Hope this doesn’t embarrass him but my husband said he resonated with the bowls and tingled with the bells… and I thought… yep, that’s exactly what I did, too. I stopped at the bowl and got all goosebumpy with the bells.

It was perfection.

So, the solstice and my birthday have passed and now I’m looking forward to a new job and a new beginning in 2020.

One final note: I soooooooooooo wanted to take a photo of it but knew intuitively it would ruin everything. It’s one of those times I have to hold how it looked privately… a half-hour of time that my husband and I connected with Spirit.

Tomorrow, I shall return to tell you about my word for 2020. Stay tuned!



  1. How beautiful! Sounds like such a magical and healing experience. Thank you so much for sharing. Much love and many hugs to you both xo.

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  2. What a beautiful experience, Sherry! Kudos to Richard for his loving and thoughtful gift – he does indeed know you well. And thank you for sharing it all with us, your readers – it was almost like being there. And, of course, it would be in groups of eight! 💓

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