2018: Year of Nurture 2019: Year of Water 2020: Year of Clarity

My yearly words don’t take the place of each other… they’re more like train cars, attaching to the last one in line as they go. I will continue to nurture myself and others and surround myself (inside and out) with water.  These things will compliment each other.

Several weeks ago, I chose “Simplicity” as my word for 2020. We can all use a little of that, right? I’m so tired of excess – especially in the area of my buttocks, but I (as usual) digress.

Simplicity didn’t feel quite right… not sure why, but as the days went by,  it just didn’t resonate like I expected it would. So, I put on my thinking cap!

I thought I was being very clever indeed when the word “Vision” popped up…  you know, like 20/20 vision… except … it wasn’t right, either. Vision encompasses too much… there’s too wide a swath, somehow. Know what I mean? No, I needed to focus in… into… and gain…



Not coincidentally, I heard a New Year’s message from Lucy, who is now calling herself a “Clarity Expert”  – and she certainly IS that! I know from first-hand experience! It just feels perfectly fitting… something I need more of…


… how I suddenly decided to go for sales work and a job dropped in my lap. I believe it’s because I had clarity – distilled down to the nuts and bolts. I need to work. I am a salesperson and have been for the last 15+ years, in one way or another. At this point in my life, it’s ridiculous to change my employment course so radically without the means to go back to school or retraining. Waste of time and pie in the sky thinking. What is realistic and clear, is that I need to work in a field I’m good at – enter sales! You can’t get any clearer than that!

By the way, this is not to say I’m too old to learn new stuff — on the contrary. But let’s get real, shall we? I can sit here writing my books and not getting published (yet!) and hope my book and/or blog suddenly make me rich… or… I can keep doing those things and work during the weekdays making an actual paycheck that will help to pay for things like websites, cell phones, books (and more books) and peace of mind, which paying your bills on time affords you.

Win/ Win, peeps. Win/ Win.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. My husband and I will be enjoying a festive dinner – just the two of us. We’ll watch Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim – the best one in our opinion – at precisely 9:30pm, as we do every year.

We plan to have his family over on the weekend.

I will miss my children, parents, family, and friends who all are scattered around the States and will be on their own, too. Life doesn’t always seem fair but at least we’re all around to love.

I hope you’re doing something warm, fun, family-filled and self-helpy!

Merry, merry, happy, happy whatever you celebrate. As for me and mine, it’s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless us all.


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