On the eve of 2020 – The Roaring Butterfly

In 1998, I joined a message board on the fancy, new internets and called myself, “New Beginning”. I was 40.

In 2005, I created the featured photo you see above with pencils and ink. I was 45.

And here I am now! With you! I am just the teensiest tad over 60.

I think it’s finally time to spread my wings and come into myself.

Clarity, clarity, clarity!

Everything I HAVE DONE up until this point has led to it.

Everything that has happened TO me has led to it.

Everything that I AM has led to it.

My word for 2020 is CLARITY. I am blessed to have it as I step into the first day of the year.

This drawing is me, reaching for the sun. The flower beside me is pink and new… ready to open. I am fit and strong!

I ***must*** get fit and strong this year!

And, as one can clearly see…

I am WOMAN! (Roar!)

With wings. (Dusty purple-y rosy gossamer wings.)

A roaring butterfly? Is there such a thing?

Oh yeah, in MY world!


I hope you will join me this year, as my entire life changes once again!

I will be working full-time for the first time in five years. My schedule here will change… at first, I’m going to be tired. I know this! So, stick with me, friends and readers… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for just a little while. Then I’ll get back into the swing of things.

Don’t worry. I’m not!

I’ve got plenty of self-help books to read yet, folks! And my mom sent me a FANTASTIC one that you’re gonna love! And I’ve got other stuff, too!

So much!!!

Lots of photos…

Lots of thoughts…

Lots of… well, ME!

Thank you for being here… since way back in Fall, 2017! You are the reason I’m here! ❤



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