From me, to you! ❤️💥🌼

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a million trillion thoughts, hopes, stories and dreams floating around inside her head.

They sometimes fell out of her eyes and onto her cheeks…

… or from her fingers onto the keyboard…

… or, if they were sad, they landed in her stomach with a thud.

But when they were good … they were very, very good… and burst from the top of her head, her fingers and toes … and her eyes, too… but now they were happy tears… watering flowers she planted in spring.

They became sunbeams or starlight, lanterns or candle light, fireworks or fireflies…

Lighting the way.

And someone saw the lights and came to watch… and told a friend, who told another. They brought their own lights and hopes and dreams…

Into an explosion of lights! 💥 💥💥

And we became kindred spirits and friends…

And family.

Thank you for being my SHW family! I love you! 💕

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