Easy like Sunday – Difficult like the last two days

Well, well… what a few days it has been!

I start my new job tomorrow… and that should have been a hint that *something* exciting would have to happen… since… yeah… always waiting for the other shoe to drop. <<<That’s NOT a good way to stay positive, folks. Do as I say, not as I do. Ugh.

On Friday night, my husband went to a concert with his daughter. I had big plans, too. Ha. Not really. My smallish plan was to take a bath, work on my vision board for 2020 (I still have cards to put up), clean out my purse and new makeup bag my step-daughter got me for Christmas and watch Dateline and/or play Candy Crush. Big doin’s.

I do have to go back to earlier in the evening, however. I noticed a small puddle of water next to the fridge. Now, this fridge came with the apartment and is ugly as hell… literally, from the 1970s, which I know because there’s a label on the back. Ah, the good ol’ golden days of appliances. Pretty.

Also at this point, I should mention that I *knew* the thing was on its last legs because it had been running non-stop and making crazy noises for about a year. I voiced my concerns but you know how that goes.

Me: We need a new fridge, I think.

Landlord: Really? Let me see.

Landlord (2 seconds later): Seems okay to me.

Me: I’m telling you. Something’s wrong. One day it’s just gonna kack.

Landlord: We’ll deal with it when it happens.

Me: Eff you. (Not really. I just wanted to say it.)

Okay, so…

We wiped up the little puddle and checked the contents of the freezer: frozen solid. Maybe we dropped an ice cube at dinner? Or the washcloth was wetter than normal? Other plausible reasons, other reasons,.Etc. etc. etc.?????

Exit husband, enter Dateline… and the small puddle had become a small lake. Kidding, but not. Contents of freezer: thawing.

What to do? I guess… even though it was 9:30pm… I should contact the landlord? I didn’t have his number in my phone… ugh… but luckily, I found it in an older address book I’ve kept because my daughter got it for me. Yay, sentimentality!

So, I texted. He asked me to call. I did. He said he could come in the morning with another fridge he had in storage. Until then, he suggested, you know because it’s so cold outside, that I take everything out and put it in my car.

So, there’s me, freshly bathed in my jams and snow boots, carrying loads and loads and loads (I forgot about those olives!) of food out to my car.

Which is where it still is.


Because the next day, he brought the fridge from storage that had clearly been used in an episode of Hoarders. It was so bad my husband wouldn’t let me see it until he (and one of the landlord’s helpers) cleaned it properly, which they did. Then we plugged it in and waited. And waited. And did I mention, we waited? Fun times.

Also, just for funsies, the old gold fridge was still at the bottom of the stairs, you know *inside the apartment* because it was too big to get outside. They needed more tools, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and… one of the wheels had come off the “new” one and we had to wedge a block of wood – this, after trying several books that were too large or too small. OMG, could it be more fun?

Now, in the landlord’s defense, he did buy a new refrigerator today and brought it over, but not before getting the other two out, which is shown on my featured photo. It has to stand upright for two hours and then we plug it in and then it takes four hours for food… but it’s ACTUALLY NEW (from the scratch & dent area, but…. Yay.)

Also, an added bonus is that when we took out the veggie drawer in the gold monstrosity, there sat a $20 bill. I mean, c’mon. That is pretty neat! At least, it will help pay for the $40 of frozen meat that may or may not have made it – from our shopping on Friday.

The whole place is a mess with all the dragging and snow and mud … and stuff that’s normally on top of the fridge on the stove … and all the furniture that had to be moved to get everything out and then in. Ugh. That’s the only reason I’m not sharing the photo of the new fridge — such a mess and it’s not even plugged in yet.

So, yeah… yesterday was a complete and total shit-show and today was obviously much better. I finally got my purse sorted and while my husband takes a nap, I’m here writing and then it’s bath time. Boy, am I looking forward to that!

Then, later, we’ll sneak into the night and get our food from the back of my car, which now smells like onions and peppers. I had several bags of them frozen. *shrug*

Oh, and wish me luck at work tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get out of here.

LOL Kidding LOL


  1. That’s two of us dealing with radical alterations in our food supply/storage (mine’s all in my rented room, with frozen yogurt containers keeping the cream cool in my little shopping cart). Coinkidink? I don’t THINK so!

    Have a great first day on the job 😚

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