Bio Moment – Training Wheels & Ping Pong

I started my new job on Monday! Woo Hoo! Wanna know how it all went? Grab a cuppa and have a seat… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 🙂

So, I am a Social Media Marketing Expert, which is to say, I help people maximize their online business advertising. I know it sounds fancy and in a way, it is. In another way, it totally isn’t. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My office is on two entire floors of a building downtown and I feel so cosmopolitan. You may think I’m joking. I’m not! I love that it’s located downtown! Well, except for the parking because I’m three blocks away. But it’s free parking so I’m not complaining. Except at 8:48 am as I’m puffing for air. It’s awesome for exercise but on the other hand, it’s January. You know, ice and snow and me being completely out of shape. I’m the person who will slip on one actual ice cube, so for sure I’ll take a tumble on an icy patch hiding under a layer of snow.

Reminds me of a story: Once upon a time (yesterday), I played ping pong on a break. There’s a game room, see. I know, right? It’s like I work at Google or something, which I don’t but it’s just as good.


There were a few younger guys from my training class there already playing some hockey game and a new young friend/coworker was looking for a partner for ping pong, so I joined him. I warned him I hadn’t played in like… 20 years. In fact, it may have been 40 but who’s counting?

We were going pretty-good… lots of volleys… and I was thinking how thin and healthy I’m gonna get working there when he lobbed a ball out of my reach.

Funny thing about tennis shoes (it was casual Friday) and indoor/outdoor padded carpet. They collide like velcro on velcro. Picture a bowling pin being knocked over, with an arm reaching out, you know, if it had arms. Now you have the visual.

Anyone who has ever fallen over (without getting hurt) in front of people will attest to the truth of this next statement: It was hilarious!

The worst part was this: Trying to get up. Everyone asked if I was okay and the sweet guy I was playing with came over and offered his hand but let’s be brutally honest here, folks… there ain’t no way one person is hoisting me – a woman of many pounds with bad knees – up. In fact, and this is the best part, I had to crawl a few feet to the table so I could use it as a brace. Did you picture it? Granny Sherry on all fours in front of my new co-workers, all men. Still, it was hilarious!

We did continue to play, by the way. No pain or anything yesterday. Today, I’m a little worse for the wear… mostly my ego. No bruises or anything. But I digress.

Training is intense and I’m overwhelmed with information but super excited to get out on the floor and work! But not before more training… two weeks in a classroom and another six weeks of shadowed training on actual phone calls… you know, like training wheels, hence the title of this post. I’m so clever, don’t you think?

I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase but so far, I’m loving this job. The worst part? Getting up at the crack of 7am. Brutal. But I’ll get used to it.

PS: I took this photo at work so you all could see I’m not dead or dying from my injury. You’re welcome!


  1. I loved reading that and am so glad your in the honeymoon phase. You look so happy and I absolutely love it. I hope this lasts forever😊😊

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  2. I loved reading about your experience! Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading about your adventures (and misadventures) in the coming additions!

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  3. What a lovely quality: to be able to laugh at oneself! Brilliant! Brava!!


    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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