Easy like Sunday – Wait a gosh dern minute!

I just finished three weeks of training for my new job as a social media expert. It was interesting. It was eye-opening. It was completely new to me. And most of all, it was ego-deflating.

(Insert gut-punch here 😦 )


I am a good adult student. I didn’t *used to be*… I sailed through high school and even most of college by doing what I was asked – but only that. My communication skills were stellar, so as long as I could write or talk my way through, I was golden. Until I got to the higher levels. Then, I actually had to DO stuff. Extra stuff. And math? Ferget about it. (Just ask my dad, who routinely pulled out his hair after coaching me!) But I digress.

During my training over the last three weeks, I was also a good student, albeit an elderly one. Oldest, roundest one in my class! But I shouldn’t brag. Ha! Again, I digress.

I got there early every day – as I always do at work. I HATE being unprepared! I paid attention, came and went on breaks and lunch on schedule, actively listened, took great notes, organized said notes (people even asked to borrow my notes because they were so good) answered questions (sometimes incorrectly but mostly right) and scored in the 90s on all written tests. Solid student, as always. That’s just how I roll.

Until the mock call.

See, I’m now a social media expert on the phone. This would seem ideal because I’ve been an award-winning inside sales guru for over a decade – since I’ve been in Canada, actually. That means I was able to sell on the phone. And see, it’s talking, and I’m good at that, as mentioned above.

(Anyone who has read me for any length of time knows I loathe the phone at home. I’d rather do pretty much anything but talk on the phone. Sadly, almost everyone I know lives thousands of miles away, so the phone is our only choice. It’s better than nothing… but I sure don’t love it!)

Now where was I?

Ah, yes… this job is specific. It is guiding someone on the phone. And, most importantly, it is listened to 100% of the time by people who are paid to tell you how you’re doing… and in my case, on my very first mock call (you know, with a person pretending to be a client and you pretending to help them)… I got told, all right.

While “You Suck” wasn’t actually on the form… there were certain areas where I certainly did. Suck, that is.

Ugh and double ugh.

To be clear, I’ve got the intro down pat… and the ending… it’s all that stuff in the middle… you know, the actual JOB.

Good Lord!

Do I think I can do this job well? Of course! But it’s gonna take some fighting on my part to get my confidence up to snuff.

Oh, and guess what? This is fun. In the middle… about a week and a half in… my glasses lens got scratched right in the retina… well, it doesn’t have a retina but right where MINE is… so every time I look through (with my good eye, of course) I see a blurry cracking line which moves half of what I see above the other side. (I’m legally blind in the other eye and it couldn’t have been that lens, could it? Ugh!) Also, as you might imagine, I mistakenly thought I was having a stroke (which is not at all funny since I have health anxiety – dang it, I’m digressing AGAIN!).

Luckily, I’ve saved my last two pairs of glasses, so I was able to trade them for another (attractive) pair of progressive trifocals that I normally don’t wear because they make me feel like I’m underwater and walking on air, which they did again (duh) and I gave myself both migraine and vertigo.

So, put on my oldest pair until I can get new ones. They’re square, they’re mannish, they’re the only way I can see. And thank God for that! Maybe I should bedazzle with rhinestones? Would that help? Haha

I have two more days of training… and then it’s onto the floor to work for real.

Do I sound like I’m ready to give up? Cuz, I’m not! Not in the least. I CAN DO THIS. But it’s gonna be a fight… one I will win! Wish me well. 🙂 ❤



  1. Behind you all the way, Sheryl! I admire your drive and confusion!

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Wait — they’re going to make you do the floors?? Haha!!

    I appreciate them for this: one way pr another, they got you DIGRESSING again! (I feel so much happier somehow) 🤣

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