Picture of the Day – “Sleepy-time buddy”

I think this full-time work is catching up with me. 😴😴😴

I’m so, so, so thankful for this job. I’ve taken some real calls by now and with each one I get better.

As I suspected, it’s not the clients that befuddle me, it’s the complicated system. >>>> Go here, now there, click here and here and here. Log that there. Don’t forget to do this, and that, and this and this and this. And that. Log in there, log out there. Don’t walk away from your desk unless you’ve noted it there and there. Lock your computer. Do a dance. Make it a jig. No, now a waltz. 💃💃💃

So far, I’m keeping up. But with each day comes more calls. This is a young person’s game. I have to keep up! Think I can do it? Hint: I do and I will!!!

Anyhow, Hannah the cat and sleep for the humans in her life do not mix. Last night, she was laying on my head, pulling my hair, licking my nose.

I can’t get mad. I mean, this face!


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