Easy like Sunday – Guts, no glory

Well. Did I have a week!

Did I catch a stomach bug? Lots of people were sick at work.

Did the stress of learning and settling into a new job finally launch my spastic colitis and IBS like a rocket?

Who knows? But it’s a good analogy, if you catch my drift. Better yet, don’t catch my drift, if you know what I mean.

I crack me up!

Crack. Ha!

More rear end humor. It’s rolling outta me like… uh… never mind.

What is known for sure is that I was out of commission on Friday and stayed home in bed. Not what you want to be doing on the new job. But I refuse to beat myself up!


Better now, though!

Got out this weekend! It was sunny and bright and almost looked like Spring except for the frigid temps. So, I took a photo of pretty flowers. They aren’t outside but we won’t tell anyone. Shhhh…

Also, big storm coming by Wednesday. It’s snow. Ugh.


Hope to be back with a new book mid-week. Thanks for your patience while I figure out this thing called life at 60+ while working and writing and self-help-y-ing stuff!



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