Turtles – okay, yes, I talk to animals

It will come as no shock to anyone who knows me that I LOVE animals.

I remember, when I was young, being devastated when Bambi’s mother died. I know everyone was -but for me- it was visceral.

If it was a movie with real people and animals, and an animal got hurt, I’d tell myself, “It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie.”

When I passed car accidents, I’d worry about animals being involved. To be clear, often more than I worried about the people.

I hated (and still hate) hunting for sport. Especially, big game. And most especially, poachers.

I get that some folks love hunting and respect the animals they’re hunting. They feel they’re helping Mother Nature with over-population of deer or wild turkey.

I still don’t like it.

About zoos and public aquariums and such… if they’ve built true-life habitats, are doing educational studies and training, and most importantly, treating the animals well, I am okay with them. To be clear, not thrilled, but okay.

My friend MB is an animal communicator. She thinks I am, too.

I mean sure, I talk to animals and always have. I remember walking to middle school (it was called Jr. High back then 😀) there was a dog in a backyard on the corner. Other kids would pass by and the dog would bark and growl. When I walked by, the dog stopped barking and jumped (like a pogo stick). Just like “Hi, hi, hi!!!!!”

The featured photo is of some of my favorite friends at a local floral garden. They live in a man-made stream and seem to be happy.

I couldn’t say the same for a tortoise I met at a nature reserve. He was behind glass in an aquarium. It was large, but felt too small to me. I asked him if he was okay. He said, “Yes, but…” and when I left, I said a little prayer that he could find a new home.

I love turtles.

It’s funny, because i used to think eagles were my spirit animal. Then, deer. I considered bees 🐝 because I love their little fuzzy bottoms. And, we kinda need them, you know, to live.

I adore cats. You know that. But are they my spirit animal?

I was searching for an animal oracle deck of cards. I saw lots, some beautiful, others comical, and finally chose a stunning deck (they’ll be delivered later this week!) and of course, this whole animal-thing has been on my mind.

Then, I ran across this photo and it was like *bam* it’s TURTLES! 🐢

Turtle is my spirit animal. Love it!

So yeah. a little woo woo today. I’m feeling stir-crazy, I guess. And also, thankful for my friend MB who taught me to be who I am.

So, I’m gonna be working on this for a while … ya know, since I’m a captivated audience… at home. 🤗

Do YOU have a thing for animals or a fave story to share? Tell us in the comments! The more, the merrier!


  1. I love reading your posts Sheryl. You captivate me with your words and I feel like you are talking right to me. It’s really cool how that works! So thank you for being you and thank you for your love of animals. I’m so excited to hear about turtle being a spirit animal for you. Turtle wisdom has much to share. Keep shining your light as from what I feel from here, it’s such a bright light of love xo.

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  2. Animal storeez? Meeee? Only about a half dozen reely good ones. You wan’ I should send you links, a’ wha’?

    PS You’re either not woo-woo, or I am. Oh, wait… 🤣

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  3. I figured out that my spirit animal is a manatee. A completely gentle and benign creature with no natural enemies. They keep their children with them until they are adults. They do no harm, ever, and are accepted by all other wildlife. I even feel like they have a sense of humour with their comical faces and blobby bodies

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  4. Liked this article a lot. FYI…you love cats. An old Sicilian or Neopolitan superstition says that you should always be nice to a cat, because a cat is a lost soul waiting to get into heaven. The play “CATS” is based on that.

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