The Wolf – “Be independent but work together”

This is the card of the spiritual teacher.  When you choose it you are reminded to be disciplined about your spiritual practice, as this is very important to your progress. Act nobly and honorably, whatever the circumstances, for many, will look up to you. You must learn to trust your inner guidance and then decide who you. Then decide who you have confidence in and give them your loyalty. You need to know who you can trust because you have wisdom and healing to impart. Look for like-minded others and gather them to you, as together you can fulfill your mission more effectively then if you work alone. Whether you are aware of it or not, you can spread the unconditional love and light of the Gold Ray of Christ, which has a huge energetic impact on those around you. Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper, Artwork by Marjolein Kruijt

img_0357I was searching for animal oracle cards for about two months. I looked at many packs and finally settled on this one. I ordered them one week before I was sent home to work. Days later, I ordered three books. All of them are on hold, as they aren’t “essential” …  I beg to differ but understand, of course … but! my cards showed up before the whole world went on lockdown. 🙂

I chose them for several reasons:

  • The artwork
  • The inclusion of reptiles and insects
  • The inclusion of Archangels
  • Not too much wording on the cards themselves
  • Price (no kidding, I’ve seen cards like this from $50+! These were $24.99 Canadian on and don’t even get me started on why they’re almost $10 more Canadian than the US price. Ugh, a million times, Ugh. But I digress.)

I’ve mentioned that I talk to animals and how my friend, MB, insists I have a gift. So, I thought this might be a way to connect with animals through a spiritual realm.

The cards themselves are stunning to look at and not overwhelmed with information. There’s plenty of room to make your own interpretations. I wanted the Archangels included because I truly believe that all gifts come from God – which I’ve also talked about in this space ad nauseam. Why did I want reptiles and insects? Because they are included in the animal kingdom and I especially resonate with turtles and bees. More on that later, perhaps. Anyway, all-in-all, these cards hit all the important points.

I’ve been choosing one a day to be my… oh, I don’t know… focus? Yes, that. Today’s card is PERFECT. Isn’t it what we ALL are doing?

Now, you may be wondering why I’m sharing about this kind of thing on a kinda-reputable blog about self-help? You’re not? Oh. Nevermind. But if you *are* then here’s what I have to say about that: I like this kind of stuff and it makes me feel better. Is it going to change the world? Maybe, but probably not. Will reading cards make you feel better? Same answer. But the real point is: It’s not gonna make you feel worse. And anything that doesn’t do that is worth its weight in gold.

I have several different decks of cards, actually, and all are very different, as you can see. Sometimes, I go to one deck or another or more often, just one deck for a month or two and then another when I feel the nudge. My mom gifted me with the I Ching, my friend Kaden sent me the “Mood Lady” (in the blue bag), my husband bought me the Angel Tarot very soon after I moved here … and I bought myself the Romany (with the Sun) and of course, the Archangel Animal deck.


So, today’s card … The Wolf … “Be independent but Work Together”… reminds me that even though I’m all alone in this room (with our cats!) and my husband is alone downstairs (both of us working from home) because of social distancing … I am (we are!) also a part of the bigger picture … from family to workspaces/ offices to Canada and the United States to the world to the Universe and beyond. We are all in this together.

Could anything be more self-help-y? I think not!

Anything you bring to the self-help table in love… is a-okay by me!

I know there are people who will disagree – and that’s okay, too! Have a thought, leave a comment. Respectful conversations are always supported here.


  1. I have several animal decks, but not this one. Beautiful wolf card and reading. ❤️🙏❤️ One of my favorite animal decks is The Secret Language of Animals. I get some powerful readings from it.

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  2. What a beautiful image of Wolf! I wonder if she/he would be willing to be my totem animal along with Bear? Thank you for sharing this lovely deck. BTW, I, too, love the inclusion of the Archangels . . . we all need something to hold us in the light right now! ❤ Mom

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  3. What a most wonderful message from wolf during these interesting times in our world. “Be independent but work together”….a message that is true of what we are doing today. Through social distancing, working from home etc, we are needing to be independent from others BUT as we do this together, we unite as one. We will move through this and I’m so happy that these cards can provide wonderful guidance today and always. Thank you for sharing Sheryl! xo

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  4. I believe anything that brings us closer to our Creator and helps us acknowledge our deep belovedness is vital, especially now! Thanks so much for sharing this resource, Sheryl. Blessings!

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