Bio Moment – Finding Comfort

I’m working from home, just as many of you are… and sidenote: The number of essential workers is really so small — and MIGHTY. Thank God for you!! ❤

I’ve noticed that I’m incredibly tired… more than usual… and I’m a pretty tired person, given my propensity (since my teens) to easily sleep all hours of the day or night, except of course when I desperately NEED to sleep and can’t, which thankfully doesn’t happen often. <<< Yes, that was a run-on sentence and furthermore yes, I digress.

Point: Tired, so tired.

I remember when we were packing up to go home, a co-worker and I discussed dressing like normal to work from home. I mentioned FlyLady. Have you heard of her? Well, she was super popular about 20 years ago, at least in my circles, and talked about taking chaos and turning it into organization… and in fact, her most popular suggestion at the time was to clean your sink to get your life back in order. It’s (literally!) step one. Look! HERE! I loved her! Not that I did most of what she said … but the IDEA, ya know? Ha! Anywho, she also talked about getting dressed as long as you’re up and at home. She said it would make you more productive and I knew she was right. I’ve thought of it many times throughout the years. In fact, I mentioned it to my co-worker on that day we were packing and we both agreed, we would get dressed like normal.

Several days ago, we had a meeting and she said she was wearing her work clothes.


I didn’t want to admit it… not to her and not to you… that it had been a grand total of one day… you read that right… not two or three, or a week, or several weeks… but ONE DAY… and by day two, it was my flannel “pants,” a t-shirt with sports bra (which makes me look like I have one huge boob in the middle of my chest) and fluffy socks. And I may – or may not have – washed my hair that day.

I would NEVER leave the house like this.

I’m lying. And laughing. Not only would I…  the answer is an affirmative Yes, ma’am, I actually have.

Sorry, Rachel. 😦 <<< That’s my co-worker’s name as if you didn’t guess.

So, comfort. Yeah, I live for it. Sleep for it. Bathe in the stuff.

It has nothing to do with anything I planned on talking about today. Figures. I’m such an ADHD-addled (or is it riddled?) mind… jumping here and there.

What I wanted to talk about my new chakra stones! My mom got me the chart in my featured photo a million years ago (actually, was it 30? I think so!) and I have kept it in a notebook ever since. I decided, after reading one of the last books I talked about – and can’t remember which one it was – OY! – that I wanted something to help me work on chakras. So, I went online to one of my Facebook friends and ordered directly from her (she has a store) and she delivered the sweet box (along with a mallet for chimes my mother also gifted me with years ago, as well. The old one went for a walk with our cat Hannah, I fear. She LOVES hiding things! Oh, and I bought the chimes that came with it so now I have two sets. You can never have too many! Am I right?). Best of all, I’m supporting local business. Win/Win!!

Mostly, at least so far, I’ve just held them in my hands and marveled at their beauty. And I dung the bells, or dinged them. However you say it. Beautiful.

Anyhow, that’s my check-in for today. How are you doing?


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