A poll – “How alike are we at handling the stress of Covid-19?”

I put together a very short, very confidential, no-identifying-questions-asked poll about … well… to repeat…

How alike are we at handling the stress of Covid-19?

Go HERE … it will only take a few minutes. I promise!

If this takes off… I would love to create a poll or questionnaire every week to help support ***all of us*** as we go through this darned virus. There will always be some questions that you can personalize by sharing your own experiences – but only if you choose. No pressure!

If it doesn’t fly… well… I tried something new that looked fun, helpful, and interesting.  At least, to me. 🙂

Feel free to share your thoughts right here – below – in the comments. Otherwise, happy answering!

***Final results may be seen by clicking THIS LINK.


  1. Maybe it’s just my small screen, but I couldn’t get the multiole choices to, um, choose. Might want to have somebody else with an Android try it and see… 😚

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  2. Good idea! In this part on North Carolina, we play a memory game every morning that I email out. Just some questions that we all get a good laugh over, like today which was “Who was your favorite tv mom?”

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