Easy like Sunday – Recalibrate

Once upon a time, I wanted to live in a yellow house with a potter’s wheel in the small artist’s studio out back, a sparkling blue swimming pool, art in the yard, chimes hanging from the trees and a menagerie of critters.

I dreamed. I still dream.

Yesterday we took a long drive and I saw the sculpture in my featured photo. I snapped this photo. I was so happy.

Today, I’m still happy and also, I’m not. You probably saw it coming.

You are wise.

I, on the other hand, keep thinking that maybe… one day…

Except, now I’m a senior citizen in (warm for only 3 months) Canada. How long would I enjoy a pool, anyway? I don’t have a yard, exactly. The house? It’s an apartment. And the potter’s wheel? Who’m I kidding?

These are the things I tell myself to make it okay.

But …

There’s a part of me that saw this yard sculpture and appreciated it simply for its beauty.

Until today.

I remembered the movies Practical Magic and Twister … and the goddess aunties who were the amalgamation of the woman I wanted to become in the house I wanted to live in.

My tribe.

The thing is…

Realistically, I can’t have everything I want (at least, not at the moment) but I *can* become the fabulous auntie of the movies.

Recalibrate. Tomorrow is another day.

So yeah, it’s been that kind of weekend.


  1. Beautiful daughter, your dreams for the future were filled with images of things that I suspect held (and still hold) deep symbolic meaning for you. You might take each of these elements – much as you would the elements in a dream – and free associate with them. I think you’ll find their meaning is far more important than any material value they might have.

    I’m reminded of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi: the beauty of things imperfect. I know we’ve discussed this concept in the past and I’m including a link to a website that I believe will be helpful as you consider how to
    re-calibrate your dreams for the future.

    Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Philosophy for a Perfectly Imperfect Life
    View at Medium.com


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  2. Life has its ups and downs and we deal accordingly. Recognize that happiness is not measured by things, by the material, but how much love and influence you can spread and receive.

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