Bio Moment – People who stop learning start dying

Today will be something a little different.

I am in the midst of reading several books (shown above) and learning online (which is where I heard the title of this post – author unknown but they were a super-smart person!) and finally, I watched a video by a well-known (loved and/or hated) celebrity that resonated so deeply with me that I have to share about it. I promise to keep it short.

First, books. You see, there’s a whole crazy thing… I know I mentioned the beginning of this ordeal weeks ago and I’m too tired to go find it again so please stick with me, even if you’ve heard it all before. I ordered the books from Amazon three months ago – three different orders of two books, two books, and two books (and yes, you only see five of them. Please, be patient.

Blah, blah, double charged, blah, blah, they’ll be late, blah, blah, now they’re lost, blah.

See, told you I’d keep it short.

I got my final refund yesterday, as it happens. I’d already re-ordered the most important books (one didn’t make the cut) from a local bookseller. A little more expensive but totally worth it since I actually – you know – RECEIVED the books.

Boo, hiss, Amazon, which is sad because I mention them here often (as links to the books I talk about). I’ll still have to do that because I want links to the most universally acceptable place for anyone on earth to order. I’ll just say buyer beware. (Of course, I must add that this isn’t usual practice for them… blah, blah, Covid, blah… since that’s the excuse they used for the reason three separate packages went missing. But I digress.)

Point is – I finally got my books and I’ve started reading! Yay, new books on the horizon to discuss here!

None of this would be possible if I didn’t live by the credo above – People who stop learning start dying. Again, don’t know who said it… but boy, it rings true.

The second thing that fits in came from – of all people! – Alec Baldwin.  Most people I know don’t think of him as a thoughty guy but he’s actually super-thoughty!

Case in point…

Several days ago, Baldwin put up a video on IGTV. In it, he said something that honestly gob-smacked me and I loved it so much I decided – right then and there – that I MUST write about it.

He was talking about Trump vs. Nixon and no, this space will never devolve into a smack-talking babblethon about politics. Not the point, either. Here’s what he said, and I am quoting loosely as I don’t remember the exact words, but you’ll get the drift:

Nixon was curious about life. 

When he said it, his face lit up. He didn’t like Nixon in many ways, he said… but this, he appreciated. Nixon was curious.

So, this morning, when I heard the phrase in my title… it fit together so perfectly.

Curiosity + Learning = Life

The loss of either = Death.

I am 61 years old with a lap full of new books. Kid in a candy store. 🙂 I am curious! I am learning!

Ah, life!

May we all light up when we think of curiosity. May we all keep learning.

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