Easy like Sunday – This moves my soul. What moves yours?

You guys, I don’t always get this mushy but it’s one of those days. My husband is visiting his daughter and I had the afternoon to myself. But I had plans. See, my husband surprised me with a new computer! So, I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to figure it out. Isn’t easy, my friends, as it’s a MAC and I’ve only used PCs. But what a problem, eh?

For a short while, I got outside. I just had to… it’s been (literally) 3 months since I got in my car and drove somewhere on my own. At least, I think so. Not the point.

This is the point – look at this photo … is this not spectacular?

Not my talent… but God’s. This breaks my heart and puts it back together again. It makes me weep… the beauty of it. There were no filters used… the water was actually 3 colors! Sitting there this afternoon and even now, as I look at this photo… moves my soul.

What moves yours? Grab onto it… don’t let it go! The world is such a difficult place these days. I mean – more than usual.

Find what makes you gasp because of its beauty… or brings you joy… or gut-busting laughter… whatever it takes.



  1. God has given us so much good so it is hard to point to any one thing. A child’s laugh, the smile or the knowing look of my granddaughter when I hold her, or when she sees my wife. The grace of being alive and having my senses. My immediate mushy feeling though goes to my eight year old goddaughter who just got out of the hospital after 4 MONTHS of chemo and stem cell transplants. So much to be grateful for. So little time.

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