Picture of the Day – “Street Shadows” – With an ode to bad poetry

I was driving along

As I so often do

When a voice in my head

Said, “Hey, there! Hey, you!”

I slammed on the brakes

To see who had spoken

But no one was there

The spell had been broken.

Alone on the street

Just the sun up above

And shadows of trees

On the street, which I love!

So, I pulled out my phone

With the camera inside

And snapped this great shot

Then, looked side-to-side.

Yep, I was alone

As I let off the brake

And drove through the shadows

On my way to the lake.



  1. I shared your poem and picture with your dad, knowing that he would love them. And of course he did. He wanted me to tell you that he is constantly amazed by your many talents. “Definitely NOT bad poetry,” said he. “Really beautiful!” And I agreed.

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