The Dreaming I – Another “Mom’s Pick”

If Heather can have a pick, my mom sure-as-heck should, too! She finds the best books! So, a preemptive Thanks, Mom!

The Dreaming I by Kezia Vida was a gift from my mother, though I can’t find it on right now so I linked Not sure what’s up about that… but I digress (yes, Ana, so early on!).

If you’re serious about Dream Work – and you know I am! – then this book beats ALL OTHERS in helping you to work through and interpret your nighttime dramas.

Don’t get me wrong… all those dictionary dream books will be needed, too… but the real meat and potatoes of dreaming will be determined by the work you do outside of someone else’s interpretation.

This comes up today because I was smack in the middle of interpreting a series of dreams I had. You may remember my “Lost Dreams” where I walked the streets of my hometown, only to find out I wasn’t home at all. The dreams of late occur on a cruise ship, moored at a dock, waiting to go out to sea. I am below decks and my FOO (Family of origin) is above. There are elevators I can’t ride, walls of glass separating the people I so desperately want to be a part of, and dark, smoky (and mostly empty) rooms. The sea is stormy and unwelcoming.

I wrote the dreams in my journal and did all the usual things… went through my many dictionaries and plugged in meanings to see how they fit:

  • Cruise: Another life, all planned out, vacation, getting away from reality
  • Ocean: Unconscious, exploring, mysterious, vast
  • Family: Unconditional love, loyalty, mythology

And on and on…

My mother added her thoughts…

  • Ocean: Feminine, mother, psyche
  • Windows: Psychic, Gain a broader perspective
  • A cell phone without the power cord. I found it later. “You had the power all along,” Mom said. And how right she was! PS: This is what my dear friend Betsy said too when I shared it with her. Great minds and all that jazz.

And so much more that I won’t share here because is it’s not the point.

I wrote everything in my journal. Six pages worth.

And I sat there looking at the pages and knowing these dreams had more to tell me.

So, I came to this book with the subtitle of “An Interactive Dream Journal” and interactive, it is! This is not a readin’ book… it is a doin’ book.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Quickly jot down three nouns that describe the dream (don’t think too hard!).
  2. Write out the entire dream.
  3. Title the dream (and this one is crazily prophetic if you just go with your gut).
  4. Note your observations – What did you see and hear? Write them as scenes.
  5. Notice your feelings – The old What, How, and Why questions. What messages did you receive?
  6. Find the deepest feelings in the dream and locate the parts of your body where you feel them. What’s happening as you do that? (There is a checklist with this section if you have trouble).
  7. Check off the parts of your body that are affected.

The rest of the book is dedicated to different types of dreams and how you pull apart the threads of understanding. You may use a diagram, look for triggers, make a dream map, write a narrative. It even helps you write your own Dream Dictionary!

In my case, for this set of dreams (repeating dreams are ALWAYS significant!) I had almost figured it out, I thought.

And then life threw a bit of a curveball. Something happened that socked me in the gut. I doubled over. I cried. I felt hurt and isolated in a way I haven’t for a very long time. And I got sick to my stomach. Really, really sick. I couldn’t sleep.

This morning it dawned on me. The dreams foretold what happened, which in turn reminded me of something that happened years ago!

There is so much more to it, of course. I could have written it all out and shared every dot and tittle. But you know what? For the first time in a really long time, I feel like I want to protect this thing I found out about myself. And dreams, you know, are *always* about you.

And that’s what I shall do.

Now, this book…

It is a gem.

Also, it has a super cool cover. Don’t you think?


  1. Dreams can be scary, lifelike Hollywood productions that our mind sends us, often to give us a message. I prefer when they are just entertaining, but sometimes they are so telling, so true to life. A message from above.

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  2. Heeeeey — I heard that! I mean, I READ that!! I mean… oh, you already know what I mean even better than I do (so could you digress to it for me, please??? Hmmmmmm??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeze?… Am I annoying yet? Yes?…..)

    Wait. FOO? Ha! Hahaha!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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