Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Roger: A Man for All Seasons

I met a new friend recently, through a dear friend I’ve known my whole life. Her name is Betsy. His is Roger.

Let me explain:

You know how on Facebook you see a friend-of-a-friend pop up in comments and mentions and think, now this guy seems interesting!

You can tell he’s caring, funny, smart, and wise, just by the things he says and what is said about him.

That was (is) Roger.

Then one day, Betsy said,  Sheryl, You’ve got to see this documentary!

When Betsy talks… I listen.

Actually, she said later, I think you guys need to connect. May I give him your email?

(Of course, she could!)

Understand that at this point, I only knew him by his name on Facebook and had no idea what he did for a living or anything else. I just liked his style.

The documentary, it turned out, was a terrific film about a beautiful 100+ year-old actress who was also an activist before anyone coined it as such. Her name is Marsha Hunt.

Introductions were made and I soon learned that Roger was the producer of the film called Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity and it was viewable here:

The film is streaming on Amazon Prime and TubiTV.com ( which is free-with short ads) Also, Blu Ray and DVD copies for sale on Amazon.

Little did Roger realize that I am a BIO JUNKIE. I read bios like crazy – I have Demi Moore‘s and Sally Field‘s memoirs on top of the pile of books to read next!

So, I watched the film. It enthralled me! It was smart, classy, and stylish, not an amateur production in ANY way. I was so pleasantly surprised because remember, I didn’t know Roger. I thought – maybe – he made the film in his basement or something. Silly me.

A short note about the film: Marsha Hunt is a stunning beauty, inside and out. The film chronicles her life but lingers in the 1940s during the Blacklisting of Hollywood “Communist” movie-makers and stars. And then it goes on to the rest of her life… which is joyfully still progressing into Hunt’s 100s! To say that the documentary rings true, especially during these times of political turmoil, would be an understatement. Everything old is new again, friends. But I digress.

After watching, I wondered, “Who is this Roger guy, anyway?” Naturally, I asked my friend.

How did you meet him? I asked.

She blew me away with her answer! He blew me away!

We have to go on a bit of backward-journey to tell why it all blew me away.

Years ago, my husband and I were HOOKED on a show called Starting Over. We laughed, we cried, we cried some more. It was “no-miss” television for the Hutton’s as we navigated the bumpy road of a second marriage with more than the usual share of baggage, what with my moving to another country and all. For several seasons, we got to know the women and their struggles… and triumphs. It was the first “Reality” show we got hooked on… and hooked, we were! It was a catharsis, an outlet. We loved it!

What was the show about? To quote IMDB: Six women move into the “Starting Over” house to seek the help of two life coaches to achieve a goal while living under the same roof.

I’ve told you about many of my brushes with greatness. One of those brushes was more than a brush… it was 1996 or so and the college where I worked was having an in-service day with a list of speakers to choose from. I chose an unknown woman because she looked like a beam of light in her photo. Her name was Rhonda Britten. <<< The complete story is available by following the link. Nobody knew who she was then… but that was about to change.

I also loved Iyanla Vanzant who was the second life coach on Starting Over.

Also, Betsy was the breast cancer advocate who helped one of the women through her own journey with healing. No kidding, my lifelong friend was on TV. 🙂

A quick digression to introduce you formally to Betsy Mullen (Founder, Immediate Past President and CEO Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer – WIN ABC) and share that she is my hero and soulmate-sister-friend who beat cancer’s butt and used what she learned to help other women. In fact, the featured photo is from a fundraiser that made its way onto Starting Over. Want to read more about the USPS stamp that was the focus of this fundraiser? Read here.

So, who is Roger? Only the guy who produced the documentary, produced the show Starting Over (Oh! And won an Emmy for it!), supported (and continues to support) the work of Betsy and others spreading the word about breast and other cancers. And yeah, he’s also a Golden Globe winner.


So, here’s the thing…

I have some questions for him.

You’ll want to see his answers.

Because what goes better with self-help that a guy who knows who he is… uses his talents… LOVES PEOPLE… and shares it all with us? Stay tuned! It’s coming SOON to a blog near you – actually THIS ONE. 🙂

*Featured Photo: Allison Stanley at her season finale task of putting on a fundraiser for WIN Against Breast Cancer in Las Vegas. Thank you Betsy Mullen for the photo.


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