Bio Moment – #challengeaccepted

You’ve seen the words on social media before – “Challenge Accepted”. Or rather, I should say #challengeaccepted.

The most recent challenge is on Instagram and is about women supporting women. Here’s a helpful NY Times article that describes the “why” of it nicely.

Also, as a slight digression… there have been murmurs of a cookie-collecting (info collecting) aspect to ALL these kinds of challenges, so as always, you join in at your peril (okay, yeah, that’s a strong word. You know what I mean!).

For my purposes – as in: for this blog post – I am going another direction. Why? Because it’s something I noticed as I started snapping selfies… and, oh!… it fits into the world”self-help” perfectly.

The challenge began over on Instagram <<< this is my page if you’re interested in checking it out. To be clear, I originally joined to share my daily photography and check in with a few folks who don’t hang out on Facebook. I saw some celebrities doing this B/W challenge and read a little about it. Seemed neat. Saw my nieces did it. Beautiful women, both. Saw a few friends did it, too. When one of them said, “Hey, women! Don’t wait for an invitation! Just do it!” and decided to join in the fun.


Interesting word… fun. Because this is the point where everything started unraveling.

I picked up my phone and reversed the camera.

OMG, I look like shit. <<< I actually said that out loud.

Well, it will be in black-and-white and a lot of the ruddiness will be edited out, I said to myself.

Just take the damned picture.


My hair? What is that? A Superman curl on my forehead?

Ruffled my hair. Took another photo.


For crying out loud! Ugly. 



Turn your head that way. No, this way. No, that.



Simile big. No, Mona Lisa it.



What is this about again? Hey Google! Help me out!

The idea of the challenge appears to be an effort to bring women together on Instagram to promote female solidarity and that by encouraging each other to tag other users, it’s a way of publicly showing support for women.

Okay, so…  I’m supporting women. I’m supporting myself.

But… Am I?

I took a dozen photos with my head turned this way and that and up and down, looking thoughtful, pensive, playful, overly-excited, and even one where I looked angry (for goodness sake!)… all within a 15-minute time frame.

I called myself names… none of them good.

I rued my glasses, which I need to see. My red nose, which I need to breathe. My fat face, which I need to hold my eyes and nose. My crazy hair, which I don’t actually need, per se, but I kinda like having it.

How is that supporting ANYone?

Answer: It’s not.

So, I deleted every photo but the first one. Yep, the one that started it all. That is what you see above.

This Self-Help Whisperer isn’t living up to her name when she can’t accept herself in all her glory.

Side note… it also isn’t good when she speaks about herself in the third person. <<< Halp! I’m losing it!

So, here I am. I am beautiful. You are, too. And you don’t need to tilt your head one way or the other to prove it or fake your smile or make a face… or actually… ANYTHING ELSE.

That’s how we support women. And ourselves.


  1. I don’t think most people look beautiful to themselves, unless, of course, you are in the business of looking beautiful or in Hollywood. But don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot going for you and I am proud to claim you as one of my friends on this site.

    Liked by 1 person

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