YouTube Videos Rise Again!

Well… no new one’s yet. But here’s my FIRST video, from two years ago TODAY!

And here’s where you can find the whole shebang! All nine of my videos:

Okay, so why am I sharing these videos now? Heck, I don’t even know what made me LOOK AT THEM today… but once I did and realized, Hey wait! That was two years ago TODAY! That must mean *something* so I started watching them. 

Guess what? They’re not that bad! I mean, no, they aren’t rocket science or Kardashian smooth… but they’re kinda okay!

You know, I thought they sucked. I mean, at the time.

That’s just me, hatin’ on myself. Doy!

Anyway, if you have some time, please look them over and send good juju my way. ‘Cause, I’m gonna put myself back out there again soon. I might have to use Facebook or Instagram… but no matter what I use… it’s gonna be fabulous. Because I’m fabulous!

PS: You’re fabulous, too!


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