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It is pronounced many ways:


Described many ways:

Enjoyed many ways:

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking is – quite simply – a beautiful little book about Hygge, no matter what you think of the word. In it, you will find out that ‘Hygge’ appeared in written Danish for the first time in the 1800s. (pg 44) For some reason, we (the West) didn’t glom onto it until 2016 when it started trending all over the place.

Oh, and it’s written by some guy in the Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen.


Uh. Yeah. 🙂

There is a manifesto, which I found odd because I equate that word with terrorism. Hygge Terrorism? Don’t think so. But I should have known better since a friend of mine coined the phrase (Wo)manifesto – thanks Bliss Mistress Edie! I mean, c’mon… it’s all good!

img_0871Taking a break with a good book is the cornerstone of Hygge, so says page 126, and that was enough to convince me that I needed to know more.

So, I looked at stuff like the YouTube videos above, read some stuff like the article, linked above and I bought this one book, which is the only one I’ll need, me thinks.

The cover is lovely, as you can see… but the photo doesn’t do it justice. The blues are vibrant and the golds are gilded. It’s smaller than the average hard-cover book but fat… filled with wonderful stuff like photos and descriptions of candles, tea, fires, chocolates, books and even clothes that have that Hygge touch.

This is no scholarly work filled with psychological words, quizzes, and/or tough subjects to navigate. Nope! It’s a book that dares you to savor and be grateful for …

… well, that’s just the thing …

It’s tough to pin down.

This little gem will sit nicely on your night table next to the bed, upon which you have freshly washed, crisp, line-dried white sheets. Perhaps you’re eating a muffin and drinking tea as you thumb through the pages.

If you’re one of those people who likes to go big or go home… and you’re tired… maybe it’s time to go small and go home.

Build a fire. Make a pot of soup. Daydream. And savor your life that just may get a little simpler – if you’ll allow it.

I mean, seriously, The World Happiness Report (commissioned by the United Nations) put Denmark and Copenhagen at the top of the “Happiest Countries” lists. (page 272)

Is it any wonder?



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