Picture of the Day – In search of breath & flowers

I am sure I’m not alone in saying I hate Covid-19.

I hate that a whole spring and summer was spent inside and that we finally went to the mall yesterday and now I’m filled with worries: Did I use enough hand sanitizer, did I touch the inside of my mask when we sat down with drinks purchased from the food court, did anything I touch have germs on it that will make me sick, was (am) I trusting and optimistic to my detriment?

Health anxiety is a bitch but let’s face it… lots if people are nervous these days, not just health anxious ones!

Slight digression: Last weekend, we did something so wonderful but I am still paying for it! We rearranged furniture, including all of my books, and I had to go under the stairs to get something out of a box covered in cat litter dust and actual dust. My breathing hasn’t been the same since then.

I am reminded of all the years before my life-changing steroid inhaler because I’m having to take my rescue inhaler every day lately.

And my allergies are also going crazy. Could be connected. Do you think?

Also, it doesn’t help that breathing problems are the biggest symptom of Covid, does it?


Anyway, flowers. I want to surround myself with them but it would be a breathing nightmare so instead I take photos.

As we were driving to the mall yesterday, I saw this beautiful grouping in someone’s yard and asked my husband to stop so I could snap a shot. Aren’t they gorgeous? 


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