Bio Moment – No more faces!

There is so much to say!

First of all, I’ve been following a woman on Facebook who has lost 195 pounds using the Keto way of eating. She’s interesting for several reasons:

1. She’s gorgeous, as in drop-dead and always was, big or small. Her eyes are amazing.

2. She wears and sells wigs. She’s a young woman, not ill or on chemo. She just likes them and again, looks amazing no matter which style she wears.

3. She didn’t exercise at any time through her weight loss, as in AT ALL. I’m guessing she’s in her 30s and her skin had *some* bounce-back ability but even she would say she isn’t happy with the hanging skin leftover from the weight loss.

4. She didn’t deviate – not once! – from her designating eating plan. No cheats.

5. She loves recreating herself and isn’t afraid of cosmetic surgery or other enhancements and would have that skin removed if she had $10,000 laying around the house.

Her name, by the way, is Maggie. Her page is here –>>

So, I was watching the beautiful Ms. Maggie one Saturday morning and she said something that cut through my usual millions-of-thoughts that plague me at any given time. It was nothing I haven’t heard before. It wasn’t new. But for some reason… it just… got to me.

Here goes: “You can do whatever you want. It’s your body.”

Now, you’re gonna think I suddenly went all Keto on you, aren’t you? Well, to be honest, my husband and I DID try it last year and it worked well for him but not so well for me. And no, it’s not what I’m talking about today.

Read on…

What you need to know first is that for years – and years – I have had issues eating meat. I think it began when I was a teenager and it had everything to do with the dairy up the street. It was a small, family-owned dairy surrounded by orange groves and suburban neighborhoods. This was a smallish Southern California city in 1970.

Our house was across the street from an orange grove that backed onto the dairy, with a few fenced off spaces where 10+ cows did their thing.

A high school was built kitty-corner and as such, I had to walk by the cows every day on my way to school. I’d often stop and pet their velvety noses and look into their eyes, like I did with dogs and cats.

Funny story: Once, the cows got out and stormed through the orange grove headed for our house. Well, “stormed” is a stretch because they kind of meandered.

But I digress.

I’ve always loved animals and have told myself all sorts of stories to justify eating them. I’ve never felt the need to judge anyone else for it but for me, if something had a face, I didn’t want to eat it.

I’ve always had trouble reconciling how the choice was made to eat cows, for example, and not horses. Or cats and dogs. Why chickens and turkeys but not doves and parakeets?

I abhor hunting but I used to love fishing with my grandfather. Do fish feel pain?

Over and over again through the years, I stopped for a while but went back to it… mostly because I was too tired, lazy or unmotivated to cook two or more different meals.

A couple of years ago, we found a local butcher who used only “compassionately raised and slaughtered” animals. This seemed – at least – nicer, though I secretly pictured a farmer, whispering sweet nothings into a healthy, happy chicken’s ear as he chopped its head off. Do I digress? No, actually.

On that day, as I watched Maggie’s live video… it just hit me. I can choose not to eat meat anymore, even if my husband wants to or (in fact) anyone I know. It was strange because no one was even talking about meat but that’s the thought I had: I will never eat meat again.

Again, not judging anyone else… and in fact, I told my husband that whatever he wanted to do was fine with me and he surprised me by saying he would stop eating meat with me. We’re so serious, we literally took our remaining unopened meat to Community Care, where they will give it to families who need a bit of food for their cupboards (and fridge). Even the bacon. After all, animals already gave their lives for it – no use wasting it. (As a quick PS: We did try to eat it ourselves but I just couldn’t do it. It made me sick to my stomach. Crazy, huh?)

So, I’m now a vegetarian.

Will I get to vegan? I’d like to get there, for the faces of those who give milk, butter and eggs for a living, you know. I’ve often thought about the birth process and how painful it is for all animals… and I’d imagine that laying eggs doesn’t feel good under the best of circumstances. Also, I want the treatment to be as healthy and kind as possible. So yeah, I buy organic, farm-fed whenever possible.

PS: A note about birthing re: the paragraph above:

Many chickens don’t appear to be in pain while laying eggs, but some chickens, particularly young chickens and those laying very large eggs, do show signs of pain. These signs include wheezy, gasping vocalizations while laying and occasional minor bleeding from the vent. -Jul 16, 2020
Do chickens feel pain when laying eggs? — The Featherbrain

Last night, we had our first “Beyond Burger” and I have to say, it was yummy and tasted exactly like beef. However, for me, things like this will be infrequent because I’m not looking for things that taste like meat. I’m looking for things that are yummers that aren’t meat. There’s a difference. Know what I mean?

So yeah, I’m a vegetarian now. And it feels… SPECTACULAR. Just wanted to share about it.

Some sites I’ve been following for years that may have given me a nudge:

Esther the Wonder Pig

The Gentle Barn


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