Picture of the Day – “Lazy River? Lazy me.”

It may look lazy… and like a river… but it’s neither. It’s actually a creek.

Me? I look a little lazy as anyone with obesity does. If only people knew the machinations going on inside my body. I’m running, baby. Just try and catch me. But alas, it’s all done from my bed or my chair or the couch. Such is the life of someone who has been working from home since March.

Speaking of which…

I had a bit of surprising news today and it will, I hope, send me out to capture nature for the next two weeks or so. I’ve been laid off due to Covid. Effing Covid. The plan is to go back to work once we’re let back in our office. Twice, we’ve been told it was almost time. Twice, we’ve been disappointed. Again, not surprising, given what we know about pandemics, which is precious little.

Am I happy about it? No. Not surprised, though. And not angry. The writing (as they say) was on the wall – especially over the last several weeks. My “working from home” could simply not be sustained.

I *do* wish they’d have given me more notice. More than… you know… today. As in: After today, you’re laid off.

Still, I will make the most of it and get out and about for the next little while. As you may remember, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Including this. So… I wonder what the the weeks ahead will bring?


  1. Good luck with your situation. The coming weeks will bring unfortunately some angst and bitterness because of the layoff. But, that will soon give way to relief and contentment as you fill your time productively. You are alive and vital and that will work for you. Watch. You’ll see. 🙏

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  2. Other than its ugliness both physical and emotional, the outstanding feature of our corporate kingdom is that it just DOESN’T CARE. 😜

    Other than that, you’ll be happy to know that, once again (still), according to the ascension writers, you are right on schedule.

    Seeds planted — we can too easily overwater them at this stage — we’re being told to leave the driving to the second wave now, and TAKE NAPS and do everything we enjoy most over this next time.

    Seriously — it’s our most important contribution to HAVE A LITTLE FUN!

    Get to work on it, girlfriend… 🤨

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  3. Beautiful photo, Sheryl! I’m so sorry you were laid off. I’m glad your plans include spending time in nature; that is always healing to me!



    Rebecca B. Smith



    “The heart of the matter is the truth”

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