The Little Book of Energy Medicine – Expelling the Venom

Have you ever just wished a book would tell you what it’s about… in … say … ten pages or less … and then go on to show you what it meant with pictures in the next… like … 50-ish pages?

Then, this is the book for you!

In fact, I will struggle not to write more words about it than are inside it!

The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden w/ Dondi Dahlin is a gem. It’s pretty. It’s small. It has photos and illustrations. And, it’s “Mom-approved“. I should coin that… like a Heather’s Pick, ya know? In fact, I think I’ll tag it and all those in future that come to me via my mom. There’s been a fair number in the past, too… that would take some time. But then again, I have some time, now that I’m laid off. But I digress. In short, what it means is that my mother told me about it.

You may be interested to know that Donna Eden has an Energy Medicine website HERE. And, here’s Dondi Dahlin! She’s a belly-dancing professional… which… yeah… goes along with this kind of stuff, I think. Belly-dancing focuses on *highly* controlled movements of the torso. But it’s also expressionistic. I would think one would have to know their body very, very well to do it right. Though it may look “off the cuff” it is NOT. Reminds me of one of favorite videos of Arlene Van Dyke. (Yeah, Dick’s wife. He also makes a guest appearance.):

Now, that was a major digression. Not sorry! 😉

Eden and Dahlin created this little book to get to the heart of Energy Medicine quickly and easily. They talk about pressure points, meridians, chakras, tapping, massaging, and most of all… energy.

Simply put…

When you have [energy] you are alive. When you don’t, you aren’t. (pg. 2)

Well, that’s simple enough to follow! Energy is everything.

Also, and this is key, we are not only made up of energy, we NEED it to feel joy and vitality!

Many of us – me, included – take far too much medication when we could be turning to energy medicine instead. Take notes, kids! I know I am!!

This book shares quick and easy ways to WAKE UP and deal with fatigue, pain, high blood pressure and those pesky colds and flus that drop by uninvited every year.

And, get this! You don’t need medical insurance to begin! Woo hoo!! Just make a decision and start using the exercises in the book! <<< Each one is explained with words, illustrations and photos.

My favorite exercise is “Expelling the Venom”. How does it work? It “evokes and releases the energies of anger, upset and frustration.” It’s primal, baby!

pg. 26

Although, right now I can’t do it properly because it requires you to lift your arms in the air and one of my arms is not cooperating. I think I told you guys about my ‘frozen shoulder’? Well, it’s in the precursor, percolator stages and may never freeze as long as I keep moving it… thanks to arthritis, tendonitis and inflammation. Ugh. I had a frozen shoulder 15 years ago and it took a whole year to heal enough to unhook my bra strap from behind. I can’t even do that now, so I don’t want it getting worse! <<< And yes, yet another digression.


At the end of the book is a “Five Minute Daily Energy Routine” that you might actually DO. You should. We ALL should!

So, the book is little. It’s mighty. And, it’s helpful and fairly easy, as far as things like this go.

The only thing I’ll give a little caveat on is the price for Canadians. $22 Canadian was more than I usually spend on small paperback books like this but honestly, it’s worth it. I’m keeping it! You should, too!


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