How are we doing?

So, I’ve lost about ten pounds since we stopped eating meat. Only 100+ more to go. 🙄

I kinda digress, yes here, at the very beginning of the post. 🤣

More to the point…

I really want to talk about our health, both physical and mental.

How ya doing?

Are you drinking enough water? 💦

I got this cool, new water bottle with crystals in the bottom to infuse all that crystally (not a real word) goodness into (first) the water, which in turn goes into (second) ME! Plus, isn’t it pretty?

Are you putting whole, nutritious, organic, non-GMO‘ed (also not a word) stuff into your body?

Now that we’re actually being careful, it’s amazing how difficult and expensive it is to buy good-for-you food. No, it’s more than that. Food, in general, has become exorbitantly expensive. Don’t you think?

I ask because at times like these…

… which I have to stop and describe as “scary-ass”!!! You know, with the pandemic, fires, anniversary of 9/11 and the world feeling very-much out of our control!

We all sometimes go to our comfort foods or hide in a corner and forget to eat or drink anything for hours or days. <<< Not me, of course, on the whole “forgetting to eat”. As if!

Are you sleeping and bathing and brushing your teeth? Because, you know, it can be depressing out there. Sometimes, these simple self-care routines are pushed aside.

Depressing? Yes. Anxiety-producing, too!

First place many of us go is to bed… and not to sleep. To hide. Veg. Think and over-think.

How about praying and/or meditating? Any of that going on in your neck of the woods?

I’ve been praying more than usual because my entire family lives on the US West Coast. I have quite a few friends who live out there, too! And, yeah, it looks like 1/3 of my country is on fire. 🥺

It’s depressing.

I’m depressed, anxious and worried. I might have picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue. Well, in my case, it’s cutting back on depression & anxiety meds. Ya think? Note: I’ve come this far! I’ll try to get through without them! Wise? Probably not. But I’m just stubborn enough to stick to it.


That’s how I’m doing.

How are you doing? Really.

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