3 Year Anniversary – All that glitters!

On October 20, 2017, I started the last blog in a series of deleted blogs I’d created over the previous five years, or so. That would be… uh… this blog.

In the first welcome post, I penned the following:

Who is this person? Self-help whisper-what? Let me explain.

It began a long time ago… this self-help journey-thingy.

(I must digress for a moment. I used to love the word “journey”. It reminded me of sojourns along a lazy river or backpacking through an exotic landscape… and yes, it also reminded me of the psychological and spiritual explorations we all take now and again. But lately, you hear the word too much. Not everything is a journey.)

The first self-help book I read was Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones in the late 1970s. The biggest take-away? All these years later, one thing stands out above all others: I have *choices* about my life.

Fast forward a few decades and you would have found me with a tenuous hold on that truth. Oh, I remembered what Dr. Dyer said… but I didn’t believe it.

But that’s enough about my past — and I mean that! If you know me, you’ll realize it’s a very big deal (indeed!) that I should say that. Why? Because I have been living in the past for too long. What kept me there? Oh, guilt and shame. It’s a cloak I’ve worn for far too long!

I will not be talking about all the blogs I loved before… except to say they existed. I have been a creator/ destroyer for a long, long time. I love to write, so I’d write my heart out and then trash it all. That was, of course, my prerogative. Except, I didn’t believe that either. So, I heaped more guilt and shame on my head.

Something happened a few weeks ago that changed the direction I was headed. Last week, I was hit in the face (not literally) with the truth, learned anew: I have power. I can make my own choices. I am not the needy, guilt-ridden, shame-filled person I was yesterday, last year or last century (ha!).

I have read more self-help books than pretty-much anyone I know. I’ve watched a whack of beautiful, insightful videos and YouTube Ted Talks. I’ve seen some clunkers, too. I’ve listened to music to calm my anxiety or uplift my depression. I have a self-care Pinterest board. I LOVE self-help. I would like this space to be a safe corner to discuss all-things self-help… and I’ll be sharing stories and life-moments that will fit right in. I hope you’ll join me!


It occurs to me – much to my chagrin – that the things I said I would *not* be talking about were actually … yeah… talked about. A LOT. Color me in denial. What color would that be? I think… silver. With sparkles.

What I hadn’t yet realized and should have (even though we hate the word “should” I’m gonna use it here) is that you can’t just erase swaths of your life because you say so. I like the word swaths and it fits here so nicely. I picture a watercolor canvas with streams of color applied with a well-used brush… bristles all over the place… none of that finer work or outlines… no!… just splashes of color. And sparkles, because we want to deflect, maybe? Hey, look over here! Don’t mind that bit over there… no, no, no… that’s where I effed up royally… no reminders needed on my part… but also no need for YOU to linger there.

So, yeah, I thought this space would be one thing and then it morphed into another and then another… and then… you guessed it… another.

An anniversary is a dandy time to reflect and recalibrate, if needed, and I’m thinking it’s needed. Let’s see if you agree. <<< By the way, even if you don’t, it’s okay.

As I await the final word on returning to work next week – did I already tell you that? Nope, don’t think so. Anyhow, last week, I was told I would be returning to work on the 28th. Also last week, the premier of our province (kind of like a state governor) rolled back gatherings (of people) from 50 to 10 because the Covid numbers spiked. I’m guessing this may change the dynamic of going back to the office? Who knows, right? It’s all such uncharted territory.


So, as I await word… I was thinking how I originally thought I’d take this blog to another place… like… say… a life coaching practice I could offer. You know, to make a living in my twilight years.

Then, things took a turn and I was doing… I’ll call it “spiritual” work… and I thought maybe I’d become a reverend and officiate weddings and/or funerals or something like that.

Then, I wondered about writing a self-help book, in-person teaching of what I’ve learned, or accepting speaking engagements (which I’ve done before)… thinking I am – most of all – a storyteller. How would that benefit anyone? I wasn’t sure.

And, see… when things start getting overwhelming… and, too much… well… it reminds me of a story:

When I was in Kindergarten or 1st grade, the teacher gave us a coloring sheet with geometric shapes to color in, then she put them on the wall to show our parents. All those beautiful colors and shapes! Except one. One little girl – that would be me – decided that if one or two colors were pretty, all of them mushed together would be FANTABULOUS. And those lines we were supposed to stay inside? Feeeerget about it! And so, I took every color I wanted and held them all in my hand, and pushed really hard in swirls, which literally ripped through the paper in the middle. And when I realized how ugly it was, I pushed harder in an attempt to “fix it”. <<< This is a real-life visual illustration of how I’ve lived my entire life.

So, here we are at year three of my little blog space with TOO MUCH of everything inside… so much that it’s bursting out the seams.

But also, as an aside (digression) – and you tell me – did my little mashed crayon story resonate with you? Did it help to understand how my mind (and maybe your’s too) works? Because, I think it did… does… and that is where the benefit lies… for both both of us. Am I right?

You know, I finished the paragraph above and looked out the window. I thought about all the times I’ve tried to fix what I ruined and how terribly it usually turned out. And… I don’t think I need to say this but I will… I’m talking about everything from burnt toast to relationships.

Do I have something of value to share? I do. But damned if I know how to get it out there.

One thing is for sure! It’s my next goal – to figure this out. Because, if I can’t go back to work in my office – the last thing I want to be doing is hitting the pavement searching for work in my 60s. Been there, done that (BTDT) and then some.

Wish me luck! As always, you’ll be among the first to know what I decide!


  1. Suuuuch a great response, Mom! Thank you! ❤️

    I love when you share stuff like this!

    Pssst: I needed to hear it all. I especially love to hear that I didn’t have a mean bone in my body. Very warm fuzzies!!!


  2. All that creativity and intelligence wrapped up in one dear little package! I recall your kindergarten teacher (or was it first grade?) telling me, with a twinkle in her eye, that you were absolutely irrepressible, unable to sit still for long, curious to know what others were doing, wanting to be a part of everything that was going on. (I think you carried you own “sparkle” with you back then, even if some couldn’t see it.) Then she added , . . “And there isn’t a mean bone in her body.”

    Creativity is a very messy process and doesn’t always go right. It involves breaking out of established patterns, like drawing within the lines and only using one crayon at a time. Yes, you could have colored that picture in the same old way, but your natural creativity wanted to try something different! Unfortunately, thinking outside the box isn’t encouraged in elementary school, even by the best and kindest of teachers, and many experts in child development argue that it’s our early schooling that kills creativity.

    So the real issue is trying to fix something that isn’t supportive of creativity. And I wonder if some of the other experiences you cite as part of a life pattern aren’t similar in some way. Is it possible that it was the situation rather than your response that was at fault? Maybe it would help to look at each of these events to see if there weren’t expectations already in place that were not supportive of who you were, that pushed you into that old, knee-jerk response pattern.

    I can’t help wondering how different it would have been had your teacher taken this opportunity to teach everyone a valuable life lesson, praising you for trying something different, and then talking about how most of the great inventors in the world had multiple “failures” before thy succeeded. She could have explained that we learn something vital every time we fail that can guide us forward in the future, perhaps mentioning Edison, who was said to have had hundreds of failures before he perfected the first light bulb. What if she’s said all this to you and the class? How different it might have been.


  3. I know the next chapter of your is going to be, in your words, FANTABULOUS!

    Sending love across the miles!


    Rebecca B. Smith



    “The heart of the matter is the truth”

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  4. 1) He-e-e-e-y, yoooou had yooour blog a whole month before I had mine! Guess this makes you my big sister, then 🤗

    2) You’ve been digressing — and with all that kind of flair, too — since the VERY BEGINNING? I’m lost in absolute admiration, g-aaaaa…

    3) Sparkles also just because they’re bee-oo-ti-ful!

    4) Oh, that morphing thing. Don’ leddit bahtha you. If nothing morphed you’d still be trying to fix things with the crayons, right?

    Now you try to fix them with computers — and, if you ask me, it’s working guh-REAT!

    5) I find, just personally, that trying to lop off any of the major knobs, arms, branches, etc. of whatever form into which an always-so-simple-and-innocent-appearing creative seed has mushroomed — so quickly it outgrew the hall and you had to move it to the screened-in porch — only gets you lopping off all those same appendages again and again forever until you get tired of it and give up anyway.

    My vote? Go on just as you have so admirably been. Add whatever comes to your whimsy, any time. Is it gonna help someone to read it, y’think? Then it’s fully thematic! Even a little bit of a digression! What’s not to looooove?😊

    But that’s just me…

    6) Consider the possibility that the world’s financial structure may be as unrecognizable in a few months as some of our city centers are presently unrecognizable to their inhabitants of a half year ago.

    Be still and know that “I Am..”

    What you must do — at this moment, the next moment — will be made clear to you.

    That is all the safety — all the security — there is amid these rising waters, for any of us.

    My friend in Italy is good enough to remind me of this often and when I need it most. Passing it forward…

    7) And congratulations on your upcoming three year mark! That’s more than twice the average lifespan of a blog! You go!

    8) Proud to be your friend.

    Much love, Ana

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  5. “Color me in denial. What color would that be? I think… silver. With sparkles.”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Perfect. Utterly and completely perfect.

    I love you to pieces my glittery, sparkly friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. Ohhhhhhhhh feeling you. I was the little girl wishing the other kids would share the pink and purple crayons then sadly colouring without them, too sad to ask. The upside of that is that forever after I was the kid asking every other kid if they had the one they needed…..

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