Staging Your Comeback – Women Over 45… Rejoice!

Staging Your Comeback by Christopher Hopkins (The Makeover Guy®) is a book I searched for… for years. Sure, I’d watched every one of his makeover videos on YouTube (and there are thousands) and they were awesome… but how could I get all the info in one place, to reference again and again? Oh, a book… that old thing? Ha!

I don’t even know how I first happened across him but once I did, I knew I needed this book. Not easy to find in my northeastern neck of the (not-USA) woods. My patience paid off though, as I am now a proud owner!

Ladies, this is a book for you… but not every woman buys it for herself. In listening to the interviews given to each woman by Hopkin’s partner in life and love, Robert, it seems that quite a few have been gifted this book or a pampering day with Hopkin’s and his team by their husbands, mothers, sisters and friends.

The cover of the book says it’s “A Complete Beauty Revival” and that it is!!! There is nothing… and I mean NOTHING… that isn’t covered in this “Beauty Bible” <<< My quotes, not his.

Now, at first blush, you might reasonably shout, “Hey, but what about feminism?” and “Haven’t we come further than this?” and you’d be justified.

I have a couple of things to say about that…

Let’s start with the Kardashians and other beauty gurus. Beauty is a big deal and a bigger seller! Might as well not ignore an entire genre that is clearly something that many, many women embrace.

The other thing is about (we) women of a certain age. I know, I. know We should just embrace our gray hair, ample body and wrinkles? Crones, unite!!

The answer is – of course – you CAN.

One of the great things about being over 60 is that I can say, dress and be who I am without apology. Hint: Young people shouldn’t apologize about it, either.

All that said, there is something quite wonderful about being who you are and at the same time… finding that which makes you feel beautiful and enhancing that. And truthfully, some women don’t even know what *that* something IS. Time to find out!

And, so… this book is about external beauty and everything that entails… from make-up to flattering clothing to healthy hair and nails to keeping your tootsies sandal-ready. That means you’ll be reading about the best and worst cosmetics for the mature face, ill-fitting undergarments, the best hairstyle for your face shape and soooooo much more!

I strongly suggest you check out his YouTube channel, too. Most videos are under five minutes and the Before & Afters are absolutely stunning!

And, if you’re interested… he’s taking new clients! But you have to go to Minnesota. 🙂

The day of pampering includes the life’s work of his fantabulous mother, Joanne Hopkins AKA “The Wardrobe Woman” who takes your silhouette (vertical and horizontal) and shares her expertise on Illusion Dressing that is personalized for you!

So yeah, this book is something special, if you like this kind of thing. And I do! I think it’s pretty, fun and motivating. You can use it as your Bible, a permanent fashion mag, or for looking great on special occasions. There are some fill-in-the-charts in the back to keep you on track, too.


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