The 10X Rule – The Squeaky Wheel

Grant Cardone is a force.

His YouTube is filled to the brim with content that will either turn you on or turn you off. There is no “in between” with this guy… love him or hate him… it’s your gain or your loss. He’s gonna go on with or without you. And he’ll be taking his private plane to do it, thankyaverymuch.

Me? I love him. Or maybe I should say, the sales-y part of me loves him. And love may not be the right word, either. I appreciate him. No, wait. I appreciate what he says. <<< Yes, that feels right.

I’d never heard of Cardone before 2016. That year, I met a man who would affect my career and my dreams. I say that because I literally dreamed about him and that job for 2+ years after I left. His name was (and is, I’m assuming he’s still among the living) Dan. Dan owned a publishing company that created the most beautiful, high-end magazines for hotel rooms throughout the nearby tourist area, which included wine country.

My initial interview with the General Manager went very well. I was, after all, an award-winning inside sales person with nearly a decade of recent experience under my belt.

The next day, I was hired.

On my first day of work, we had a sales meeting. The boardroom sparkled with lights, glass and wood. It smelled like coconut. My associates and I sat around a glass tabletop that showcased our glossy magazines published over the last year. There was a state-of-the-art entertainment center with a movie-sized screen flush on the wall. And, all around us were stretched-canvas posters about 6′ tall with marketing sayings like, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” One of the posters said 10X. This was my first introduction to Grant Cardone.

The year or so that I spent at the job brought me back to Cardone’s (online) doorstep more than once. It turned out, the owner of the business had invested in his marketers by purchasing memberships to Cardone University for all. The kind of sales I had been doing (very well!) was not the kind of sales I learned here. I am an “Aw, shucks” kind of person who mostly stumbled on my good fortune in sales. What can I say? I like to talk and help people. But this… oh, this… was so far beyond what I had done. I gobbled it up. I learned a lot I didn’t know about negotiating, cold calling and closing. But I kinda/ sorta digress.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone is the written word about Cardone’s work ethic and discipline, which is (n a nutshell): Do 10X more than others. It’s all about planning and more importantly effort. Bottom line: If someone makes one call… you make 10. Pretty simple, really. But of course, it isn’t simple to do.

You sleep like you’re rich… I’m up like I’m broke.” Grant Cardone

I’ve watched a lot of sales gurus – and by this I mean – A LOT! I’ve seen the best like Brian Tracy, a soft-spoken powerhouse in the sales world… and I’ve seen the worst… and everything in between. By all rights, I should hate Cardone. He’s loud. He’s opinionated. He’s right about a lot of things. I’ve watched him grab the phone from one of his reps and take over a call. He boasts about what he’s earned. He’s kind of obnoxious, honestly.

And though it isn’t a secret, it’s also not common knowledge that Cardone is a Scientologist. <<< This might be the final “no-way-no-how” for you and I understand. Especially if you’ve read my interview with Penny Tupy. I wouldn’t blame you, either.


Like with so many other things in life… if you throw the whole thing out because of one thing… you are potentially missing out on something valuable. In this case, you most certainly would be.

It’s a good book!

Nothing in this life is free or easy. We have to work and there will be competition. I am speaking as a realist, not a capitalist, though I agree with the notion that if you work hard, you have a better chance at success than one who doesn’t. (Except in very rare cases, like an inheritance.)

Working will take up a huge chunk of our lives. We might as well get as much as we can from the experience. I speak as someone on the other side of my career… well, sort of, as you know.

You get to decide more than you realize about your own life and it’s best you do it earlier rather than later. Books like this can be motivating and propel you towards success, if money and the kind of happiness that money buys are your benchmarks.

Being honest, I’ve been blessed and happy throughout my life… but I’ve never had that kind of happiness. Just once, I wish I could try.

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