Bio Moment – “Another path, another journey”

Did I tell you that I prayed, meditated and even pulled cards in my quest to find the answer to the question: Is it the right time to go back to work?


Let me explain.

For months and months (literally!) I wanted to get back to the office. However, when I pictured it in my mind, I always saw a relatively “normal” return. Of course, I knew there would be changes for safety’s sake. Still, it never occurred to me that getting from A to B (never mind C to D) would be equivalent to an episode of Get Smart. And, I don’t digress.

Anyway, on Friday, after the meeting that introduced the machinations necessary, I got out my favorite deck of cards and prayed. I’ve talked about this before but as a small reminder, my religion is kindness and Christianity… but I have a very healthy respect for all religions (and non-religions) and integrate things like candles, incense, crystals, bells and music, books (including the Bible) and cards into my personal practice. God knows I see the cards as a tangible way to respond that can’t be missed. My emotions sometimes get in the way, if I’m simply listening to Spirit. But I actually AM digressing this time.

I got out my cards and asked… “Should I be going back to work right now?” and the answer I received was “The choice has already been made.” So, I went on my merry way. Not really.

Sometimes, even God can be ambiguous. What is the choice?, I wondered at the time, as I made plans to go back but also gave myself the weekend to decide.

Weekend to decide = A sham.

Yes, a sham. Wanna know why? >>> Because God knew my heart and it had already decided.

I didn’t realize it at the time – of course – but it is clear to me now. I was going back until that Friday, following the meeting, when I found out 1. The new protocols and 2. The Covid numbers had spiked up enough to declare a second wave.

That I continued the plan to go to work… which included things like washing my new tights and getting my lunch/snack bag clean and packed.. is a testament to my desire to please my husband, my children and the financial situation that affects all of us.

So, then what?

Indeed. And you know what happened if you read THIS POST.

So… I’m kinda between trapezes right now. <<< I wrote about a book with that name, “Between Trapezes” and it certainly fits in here. I suppose it’s worth noting that I haven’t fallen flat on my face, although… saying that reminds me of something I’m studying right now. More on that in a moment.

The path on my featured photo may seem small… but in fact, it’s necessary. It’s only enough room for one person to walk at a time. This is not a path where groups, friends, lovers, partners… or even your dog… come along. It’s a singular journey.

I am on a singular journey.

Where it’s taken me today is a place where we learn that saying what we DON’T want … or even a negative outcome (like, say, the comment above about me not falling on my face)… is not the way to move forward.

Where am I going?

You know, I have all these self-help books and an equal amount of (expensive, nominal fee and free) online courses that I’ve saved over the years. So, I chose one of the free courses and jumped right in! This week = NLP. I’m taking my time and learning while I go, which is pretty-much how I live my life. 🙂

My ultimate goal has *always* been to help people. I will get there, I’m sure, but I still have some learnin’ to do. The moment I feel my confidence level meets the quantity and quality of my content here, I will be offering something that I hope will be unique and special. Stay tuned!


  1. Sending you love and good energy on your journey!

    Love, Becki

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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