Bio Moment – Dog people

I am a animal person. Some, who have read here and/or know me, might have thought I’d say “cat person” given our furry feline family (say that fast three times!). But it wasn’t always this way. I used to have dogs… and not wee doggies but BIG dogs, like German Shepherds and Great Danes. In fact, I’ve had three… no, four!… Great Danes in my life time!

Our first was was in my family of origin (FOO). Her name was Winifred. We called her Winnie. I’ve shared about her before… now where was it?… ah yes, here in these posts.

The reason I’m talking about her and her fur-sister Libby (the Shepherd) is because my sister found some photos from back in the day and shared them with me. One is me with Winnie and is my featured photo today. Here is the other, with Libby. I bet they were taken with a Brownie camera. Early technology, baby. Gotta love it!

Judging by my hair, I’d guess it’s 1973. I’d have been around 14 years old. Judging by my height and weight, I’d say it was the summer before I went into 9th grade. All indicators point to summer.

See, I was a chubby pre-teen… but that summer… I got a few inches taller and stretched up into the right height to carry the weight. I had a decent hourglass figure – much less sand than I carry today. Pa-dum. But I digress.

I remember taking the dogs out for long walks or trips to the high school field to let them run leash-free. Their feeling of freedom was contagious! We’d have to run with them!

It never felt like a chore to take them out… I loved that about them. They were such delights… both of them… two totally different personalities. Winnie was a love bug with the softest muzzle I’ve ever felt. She’d jump up and put her “hands” on your shoulders and look you right in the face. Those eyes! She sadly succumbed to a type of bone cancer many larger dogs get. It was heartbreaking. Even now, I feel tears welling… and it’s been… oh, forty-five years. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the death of a beloved pet is no big deal and you’ll get over it.

Libby was a hyperactive, curious, smart, bouncy ball of energy with the biggest ears and sweetest face. She had a long, full life with a new fur-sis, Pepper, who has her own story… don’t they all?

I miss them and I miss having dogs in general. It’s been 20 years! I got my dog fix from my parent’s wonderful pooches after that. Zoey and Baxter were two of the most adorable *small* dogs you’ve ever seen! I never liked smaller dogs but they changed my mind.

Short digression: As if on cue, our cat Bette just walked up and rubbed my legs. Oh, don’t worry Bette, I couldn’t love you more!

I had several more dogs throughout my early-adult life with a growing family. Looking back, I wish I’d done things differently with almost all of them. I loved them, for sure, but my (then) husband and children? Not so much. There’re so many stories I could tell… both good and awful. Any life lived to maturity will have its beautiful memories along with regrets. When people say they have no regrets, I’m thinking they mean the big things. Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring you down. Oh, to do it all over again.

But actually, now that I’ve brought it up, I will tell you one thing that was really neat. About a year ago, I attended a class for animal communication (totally cool!) and met a medium who said that all my animals were surrounding me, at my feet.. Two in particular wanted me to know they forgive me for choices I made that inadvertently hurt them. They didn’t blame me. It was a healing message of love when I needed to hear it.


These photos reminded me of several things…

  • I love dogs
  • I love 70s fashion
  • I love California
  • I was once a normal-sized person but thought I was fat

That last one ^^^ deserves a post of its own. Not that I haven’t talked about it before. I was going to link all the posts but there’re too many. Obviously, fat has been a popular subject among the SHW’s <<< That’s Self-Help Whisperers, since we never did decide on a name for me and my followers. LOL

It’s sad that these old photos are so faded and blurry. But ya know, there’s also something mysterious about that. Really, it’s just a moment in time, captured. Maybe we don’t need to know what I was thinking or feeling that day. Maybe it’s just my sister and me and our dogs, enjoying a California afternoon – and that’s enough.


  1. Old photos can get blurry, but our memories never get dull. I do remember all too well being younger and pretty heavy, also until I grew into my weight. I also remember my dogs, Lady and Lucy and the heartbreak of losing them. But I have to admit, my memories of the good things is sharp, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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