La Bibliothéque

Welcome to my library!

It’s taken months and months but finally, I have the room of my (modest) dreams! Nothing was bought full price, except some of the books, of course, technology, and the rug, which was $75. Not a stick of furniture is new… and some of it was… da da dum… FREE. Come, let’s take a look!

Quick note: Unless I say otherwise, the items were purchased at one of the thrift stores I haunt.


This is the scene that awaits me as I walk in the door.

Let’s begin with the secretary/bookcase on the left, which I got for $50 – on sale from the original $75. The knob above the chair is where the desk opens. My computer is inside.

The office chair? Free! A friend of a friend on FB offered it to the first person who came out to get it. That would be me!

The Ficus tree next to the desk was left behind when the newspaper office I last worked for moved into a new space, originally leased by a restaurant. They let me have it for freebies.

The long bookcase in the middle was $20. Fun fact, the books in this shelf are every self-help book I’ve written about, alphabetized so I can find what I need easily. To be honest, about 20 books I’ve written about are missing, as I didn’t really care that much about them after I wrote and thought someone else might get more use out of them.

And finally, the bookcase next to that, which we found at an Estate sale for $10. It houses my health books, biographies, and my cards, runes and chakra stones. Oh, and my Ghost Whisperer… lol… just in case I need a Melinda-fix.

Now, let’s have a quick interlude with the fountain I created:

The fountain is on this table, which is actually two triangle tables put together with a bookshelf underneath. I picked them up for $20. The lighted strand was discussed on a blog post from last Christmas season. I could go digging to find it… but does it really matter? Nah, didn’t think so. It’s a bit of a vision board and reminder of what’s important to me. All my completed journals are here, too! Oh, and Harry Potter! I also talked about that guy in the center of the photo. His name is Roland. A psychic channeled and then drew him as my own personal guide. He’s a French fighter pilot from decades ago.

Next up: This fantastic chair I found last week for $30! I had to put the blanket on the back (same with my office chair) because a certain somebody – Hannah! – thinks it’s her new scratching post. Look at that innocent face! >>>>

Ahem. Anyway. LOL

It’s super close to the floor, so I don’t need a foot stool and it’s long/ wide enough to sit comfortably for hours, which is my plan! There’s another bookcase behind it, which I found on the side of the road. You think I’m joking. I’ve gotten some very interesting things by scavenging.

Next, we have my treasures, housed in this $25 glass-enclosed cabinet I bought at a yard sale. My crystals are here, along with gifts from those who have passed on. Also, when I moved to Canada, my family, closest friends and I exchanged gifts to remind us that we are always connected – they had to be pre-loved items with our energy infused… like the lamb my oldest daughter gave me that her father presented to her when she was born. See it?

Side note to self: I need to find a place for the cords. *think, think*

Here is my newest acquisition… 1/2 glass-enclosed bookcase… the other half, which pulls out on the right, is where all my CDs are, in alpha order, thankyaverymuch. It was my most expensive purchase coming in at $65.

And finally, the sentinel. She holds the door open and welcomes all! She was given to me by my husband’s family and is about 3′ tall. Perfect. Or Purrfect. >^..^<

The room is generally bathed in gold and ivory, which I love. I actually found the curtains at a thrift store, too! They were $20. This is certainly my favorite room in the house!

So, why am I sharing this with you? Well, for a few reasons. First, I’m happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Yay, me!

But also…

  • You can build your own sacred space, even in a small apartment. If you can’t spare a room, use a corner! Find a great chair, some fave books, a new tea cup, a candle!
  • You don’t need a ton of money. In fact, you may already have some special things you’ve forgotten about or never considered putting together!
  • You can begin to visualize the space you want… and set things in motion … maybe you’ll find something on the side of the road, like I did!
  • And finally, you can come back here, again and again, to visit my library any time you like. 🙂

I hope this post makes you feel as good as it felt for me to write it … and I’m so happy to share my sacred space.


  1. I’ll haunt yours. When you hear a not-so-still-small-voice urging you to make iffy edits and insert grammatical errors it’l be MEEEEEE! HaHAhahahahahahaaaaaa… 😱

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