A New Category – 5 Things – First up: 5 Things that make me feel better immediately

Let’s get real. These are unprecedented and difficult times. I don’t know about you – I could guess and would probably get it right on the nose, though – but for me, I’m overwhelmed to the max! I’m sure I don’t need to list the many and sundry ways in which we (as a society) are struggling. Personally, I could add a hefty handful of other stuff – some “meh” and some serious – as I’m sure you could, too. This is, after all, LIFE. The older I get, the more I realize that M. Scott Peck’s statement, “Life is difficult” is a universal truth. And, when he wrote it, he hadn’t had to deal with technology, which is the #1 thing, bar none, to send me from 0 to 60 on the anger scale in 5 seconds flat. <<< Driving comes next. Seriously, sometimes I think I should just use public transportation though it has its own difficulties. And yes, I digress.

On this, the eve of our most contentious US election that I can remember, I find I’m more nervous and anxious than ever. And so, I asked myself…

Self, what would make you feel better?

I came up with these 5 Things:

  1. Smoothie – I don’t pretend to make the most nutritious smoothies. In fact, one day last week, my smoothie was actually what I’m sure would be considered a shake. I put frozen banana, milk, ice and okay, Nestle powdered milk mix. Oh, and some protein powder. I’m not a complete heathen. More often than not, though, I put plant-based “milk” or smoothie mix, frozen fruit and/or veg, plain organic yogurt and lots of ice. Sometimes, I use vegan protein powder, sometimes not. It depends on my mood. One thing is for sure, though. The moment I begin drinking, my blood pressure lowers. It feels good, you. know?
  2. Fiction – familiar or new – It can be The Secret Garden, Little Women or something brand new to me. Sometimes, I go fluffy, others, deeply spiritual. Right now, it’s Horror with a dash of spirituality thrown in. This book is a guilty pleasure that took me YEARS to find again. See, I had it many years ago… and yes, there’s a story. The store was called The Silver Sage. Isn’t that lovely? It was a new age store and had a little corner of used books. This title was the most thrashed among them, seriously. Pages almost falling out. I didn’t buy it at first because it was so ugly. I went back to get it because of the subject matter. It’s about a couple who rent a magical cottage in the middle of a forest and their creative (and other) juices begin to flow in ways nobody expected. This is no fairy tale, nor is it sweet or fuzzy in any way. It’s not typical horror fare, either. It stands alone and it’s NOT for everyone. But for ME, it calls. Buyer beware, just in case you’re thinking of getting it. It’s an acquired taste! Enough of the preamble. It’s called The Magic Cottage by James Herbert and has something of a cult following. In fact, it simply wasn’t available in North America until recently – at least, I couldn’t find it. Long story short, it suddenly showed up on Amazon Canada, where I have it linked.
  3. Water – This can be to drink, to bathe in, sit next to, swim in or listen to… if it has anything to do with water, I’m all over it. Today, I took a long, luxurious bath using my favorite scents. When I got out of the tub, I filled my water glass (the one infused with crystals) so I can drink blessed water during the day. I turned on my table fountain. *bliss*
  4. Animals – Oh, I love our cats, Bette and Hannah! But you already know that! I also love dogs, pigs, horses, cows, elephants, dolphins… and pretty-much every sentient creature that exists. I mean, I wouldn’t hold a rattlesnake or scorpion but I give them a healthy (distant) respect. I watch YouTubes of animals being loved and remove the ones that show animals being harmed. As an empath, I carry that kind of poison in my heart and soul and it literally hurts. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. So, I avoid it as much as possible.
  5. Light – Sunshine, ambient light, salt or lava light, twinkle lights… and yes, I will even talk about people who carry their own little lights inside among the kind of light I want to surround myself with… and boy, do I! A gloomy day can be a real bummer! And today, my friends, it is gloomy. But this is why I began my day with a scented bath, a good book and stopping to talk to you! See, little lights among the gloom.

Of course, I haven’t added things like music and movies, TV/ streaming shows, prayer and meditation, or visiting with family and friends. Yes, important! But for ME, the 5 Things I’ve listed above are what jumped out at me today. Your list may vary. And, I hope you make one!

One final note: No matter what happens with the election tomorrow, I plan to make the best of it. That will include a few more “5 Things” lists will hopefully encourage you to find your favorite things!

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