In Polite Company – Religion, Money & Politics

Let’s see… I’ve talked about religion quite a bit. Money, too. Politics? I’ve generally stayed away because… the-times they were a’changin’… and what they’d done was to go backwards and sideways and then down to the depths of H-E-Double-hockey-sticks.

I have mentioned, I know, that I’m a registered Independent, which means I believe in some convergent and divergent ideas but mostly live in the middle. To give a couple of examples:

I believe that everyone should have a living wage and for those who work harder, the sky’s the limit!

I also believe that everyone should have baseline, universal healthcare provided federally. If someone would rather use their privatized insurance – have at it! – and it is there that the upgraded goodies (like say a heat lamp or sitz bath after birthing) are offered.

I suspect nothing I’ve said will surprise you, given the things I’ve shared over the last three years.

However, I have mostly stayed away from the current situation and administration because our country has become so polarized. I never wanted my blog to succumb to that fate.

(PS: It’s not just the US that’s polarized! It may surprise you to know that many Canadians *love* everything-right-wing, including Trump, and call Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau a treasonous leftist. For a country that offers universal healthcare to every citizen [and legal immigrant who has gone through the process – like me], and made gay marriage legal years before the USA, and also allows a robust and compassionate Maternity Leave for BOTH mothers and fathers, I have been continually shocked at the vitriol that mirrors what’s going on down south. But I digress.)

Over the years, I’ve voted for Reagan… Perot (I know! lol)… Obama. See, all over the board.

I know that even broaching this subject in a public blog space is dicey but let’s get real. The US is is in the middle of the most contentious election I can remember and the results are – at the time of this writing it is the Friday after we voted on Tuesday – up in the air. And it’s kinda ALL anyone is talking about. No use ignoring the obvious!

Blame the pandemic, Trump or Biden, or the media (everyone is blaming someone) but the point is… it would never have been this dramatic had we not endured the Drama-Queen-in-Chief. <<< And I know a little something about this as I have been labeled a DQ long before Trump came into office.

All this said, it’s stressful, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

And… woo-boy… media isn’t helping and I hate saying that because my husband is in media (a community newspaper, so Jr. to what is being flung around the airwaves and internet) and also, I don’t want to add to the muck and mire. But dang, do we need every dot-and-tittle of minutia? (i.e. Projection after projection after projection – if this goes up x-points, then he wins, if that goes down, then the other guy wins… back and forth… back and forth… and all the while… literally NOTHING has changed!)

In the world of self-help and politics, I’ve run the gambit. I’ve stayed silent only to realize that it is tantamount to acquiescence. I’ve joined the throngs in snarky, ugly memes. I’ve screamed at the TV and internet. I’ve cried as I watched the BLM movement unfold – and I mean that sincerely. Cried. Because… why are people of color ***still*** having to assert their rights? Wasn’t that taken care of 50 years ago? So heartbreaking! (And yes, I’ve heard the cries of those who believe BLM = the fervency of the [OMG!] KKK. All I can say to that is… seriously?)

So yes, I have tried to straddle the middle and offer peaceful solutions and then lost my shizznat and unfriended a whole swath of people on Facebook, some of whom I had to go back and apologize to because I love them no matter what they believe. Luckily, I have forgiving friends… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt them. Or them, me. But life is like that, isn’t it?

So very messy.

I can’t pretend these things aren’t going on, so I’m not gonna. But I will say that I’m trying WITH ALL MY MIGHT to RISE ABOVE IT.

No matter how this plays out… I’m still an American… and consider voting a right and privilege not extended to everyone. So, I’ll keep on doing it. I hope you will, too.

Self-help-wise, let’s all agree to drink water, get enough sleep, eat well, move around, listen to music and/or turn off the news and watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island. Whatever it is that eases your heart and mind.

Be still. Read a good book. Take a bath. Pray and meditate. Listen for the voice of God or Goddess, Mother Nature (who is gloriously busy this time of year!) or Father Time. Whoever you follow.

Me? I’m doing it ALL… along with cherishing a kiss from my grandson. I’m so glad I got a photo I can keep!


  1. JC: “if he and his policies do well, we all do well.” <<< Perfect! That’s exactly how I see it. TBH, there was a time I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt and believed the same. He disappointed me horribly.


  2. Very nicely said. I also straddle the line quite a bit and am just sick to death of the way media has handled things here. Such a shame that they have decided that we the people now want their commentary instead of news. But now that the election is over, we can hopefully move on. I don’t like to discuss politics much and have found that most people, even those who consider themselves knowledgeable, actually know so little, and will admit to even less. Mr Biden will become our 46th president, whether I like it or not. But as such, he deserves my support if for no other reason, if he and his policies do well, we all do well. If he fails, we all fail. I have my own opinions on Pres Trump, for which I will never apologize.

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