An online depression test you might appreciate – I do!

I occasionally share websites I find along my travels… but in this case, it was shared with me… and I am sharing it with you.

Brain Center TMS reached out to me with an online depression test that is quick, simple and in my (life-experieneced-with-depression) opinion … accurate. At least, it was for me. They suggested I might like to add it to my resources. After doing some research and taking the test myself, I agreed.

First, before we take one further step…

I am not being compensated for sharing this test nor am I (necessarily) endorsing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (<<< I’ve linked a Mayo Clinic article about it for another unbiased take).

Although, I have to say… after reading about this non-invasive treatment that is only used when other treatments haven’t helped, I think it sounds super-interesting!

Since only people searching for resources will find the test link on my page or footer, I wanted to offer it publicly to the masses. Er, you!

Personal note:

You know, it pays to keep on top of depression. As I have discussed many times, depression is like the ebb and flow of the ocean… but not as fun or beautiful… AT ALL.

Sometimes, like a rogue wave, it knocks you on your ass. I have SOOOO been there, as you know, you who have read here for the last three years.

Right now, I am on an experimental regime of no depression/ anxiety meds (not exactly with my doctor’s blessing) as I am sick, sick, sick of taking them. I was careful. I didn’t go cold turkey. I tapered. It’s been about six weeks.

I probably picked the worst possible time but hey, when the motivation hit, I went with it.

How has it been? Brutal. I’ve been bitchy and pissed, angry and sad. Little bit sad, lot bit angry.

The pandemic doesn’t help. The election didn’t help. The time change didn’t help.

This morning, I took the online test and it said I was moderately depressed, which sounds about right to me. I’m not drowning… but I’m floundering a little… waves crashing… out there, beyond me. I am here in the churning, frothy part.

Funny that I choose my beloved Pacific to compare my depression to since the Brain Center TMS office is located in San Diego. Oh, how I miss California!

I’ve had plenty of face-planting crashes in the ocean. More than I can count. It’s like this… you’re being twisted and tossed and you can’t tell which way is up or down. Yep, sounds like depression.

So, take the test… use it as a springboard. Come back here and talk about it if you want… or get the help you need from your own doctor and support team.

As for me… I’ll see how the next few weeks go. Being honest, I’ve almost gone back on the meds a few times already. I need to remember… if ya need it, ya need it. No shame in that!

Here is the at-home online Depression Test: with resources.


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