Time to Break Some Rules, Sweetie! – Breaking some of my own rules!

Make a serious effort to protect your psyche from the harshness of life. Too much news can be depressing. Find other websites or TV programs. Trust me pumpkin, the less you fill your head and your thoughts with dark or disturbing imagery, the better. – Rebecca Pavlik (pg. 322)

Let’s begin at the beginning. Rebecca Pavlik contacted me and asked that I read and review her first book Time to Break Some Rules, Sweetie! After hearing what the book was about… I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure it “fit”.

You guys know me. I’m nothing if not fully-attached to – and deeply respectful of – my feelings. If something doesn’t feel right, I listen. Usually. Hey! This isn’t about me! Let’s move on!

In choosing books to write about, I have to feel that “hook”. In this case, I just… didn’t. You’ll wonder why. I’ll tell you later.

In spite of that, I agreed to read it. You just never know. You know?

Pavlik sent over a PDF copy. <<< This is where I want to stop a linger for a moment. Pavlik’s book is available on Kindle only. No hard copy. I’m old-school, tactile and stubborn. I like books I can hold. *grumble* <<< This is TOTALLY NOT FAIR! It has nothing whatsoever to do with the value of a book. Who do I think I am? Although and also, I’m legally blind in one eye and the other one isn’t great, either. I don’t do so well with Kindle or reading anything lengthy online, backlit or not. But I digress.

I said I’d read it… and so I did.

I have to say that it *was* what I expected and it *wasn’t* also. That was surprising!

It reminded me a little of Sex and the City. It was fun, breezy, filled with stories and advice for young women, which is exactly who Pavlik wanted to reach. In a way, she told me, it’s a letter to my younger self. <<<Now THERE was the hook! How had I originally missed that?

The more I read, the more I related to it – much more than I expected. The endearments (Sweetie, Honey, Et al.) peppered throughout were deceptive. They led me to believe this was a fluff book.

It isn’t.

My favorite chapter is called Charm School and reminds me of another book I wrote about on this blog. It’s about manners… but so much more! In this chapter, Palvik says something that kind-of blew me away – AND IT’S SO TRUE!

I blame a lot of what our country is going through right now on a simple lack of civility.”

Bang on, lady! That’s it, in a nutshell.

In fact, so much of this book has deeply meaningful messages but packaged in a light, easy-to-read conversation between friends.

And it’s current, clearly written for women right now! That doesn’t mean it won’t hold for the future. The life-lessons Pavlik shares stand the test of time and will be just as meaningful years from now.

I wish I could have it for my bookshelf because I can almost picture myself pulling it out and offering it to a young friend or family member. For now, Kindle it is!

I have to say, I’m glad I took a chance on this one! I learned a lesson or two by stepping out of my comfort zone. The book does indeed fit here!

Yep, rules are made to be broken. Even this old lady (me!) can learn a thing or two!

PS: I looked online and found Pavlik’s art. I love that she dabbles in all sorts of stuff! Her paintings remind me of my beloved Pacific Ocean. Check it out!


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