Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Kathryn: Light & Dark (Shadows, that is!)

We first met Kathryn Leigh Scott here in my post about her beautiful book Now With You Now Without .

As I mentioned in that post, I had more questions and Ms. Scott has been gracious enough to answer them.

I could stop right here and linger a bit… you know, like in a dreamy sequence… and state the obvious. Kathryn Leigh Scott is famous. I am not. I certainly didn’t expect her to acquiesce, though of course I hoped.

Some might have cordially said, possibly through a publicist, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Others might have simply… uh… blown me off. I mean, I’m super nice and totally authentic… but… I’m just … uh… me. You know, Sheryl. A blogger. A great blogger, of course! Prolific, certainly. 🙂

So, a big THANK YOU to Ms. Scott for taking a leap and allowing me this honor!

I normally write a teaser, about week or so before publishing each interview, to get your curiosity-juices flowing, dear readers. After all, you may not have heard of Lucy, Michelle or the other incredible people I continue to meet along life’s path.

In this case, you most probably have heard of Kathryn. You’ve certainly seen her on television or feature film screens.

Perhaps, like me, you were a fan of “Maggie” from the original Dark Shadows? Although, savvy viewers may remember she played more than one character, including the bride of the most famous vampire of the day! (Dare I suggest of all time?)

Our featured photo is from “the wedding of Josette du Pres and Barnabas Collins” (Enlargement and details below). OOOOHHH Barnabas… so tortured. *swoon*

Since 1970, Scott has been a successful (in-demand and continuously-working) actor but she doesn’t stop there! She is also an excellent writer! It is because of her recent book (Now With You Now Without) that I “met” her.

I hope you will read my post about her book, if you haven’t yet. It was one of the few books I’ve read that literally made me sob. Not a little weepy, dab with the tissue, tear or two. Nope! Full-on, swollen-face, half-box of Kleenex cry-fest.

Her book prompted a few more questions, which I asked in her interview, so it’s a nice foundation. <<< Just sayin’.

Every once in a while, someone comes along that touches your soul. Scott touched mine. She is a light! We need lights… especially now!

I look forward to sharing her inspiring words with you next week.

In the meantime, I know you want to see the featured photo in a little more detail. It isn’t often you get permission to share a gem like this, so I’m sharing it at actual size. Delish! (PS: Details below)

You’re welcome!

Photo Credit Ben Martin

Wedding of Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) and Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott) in Dark Shadows

Featured Photo Credit: Ben Martin


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