1. Loved your video. You rocked it like a pro.

    Qi Gong I took lessons in and found it very useful for banishing my neck problems and some types of headaches. It takes a certain amount of exercise time to actually start getting the full benefits as it is a regime that relies on subtleties. Qi as in “chee” as in “cheese” and Gong as in gung.

    In the practice of metaphysics ‘dis-ease’ and its properties is a subject that almost predominates all human problems. We can have dis-ease in body, mind, finances, relationships and so on. In all cases, the existence of a dis-ease, when carefully and objectively examined, can be found to have emanated from the acceptance of an inaccurate belief about ourselves. To discover the particular point of the dis-ease takes a great deal of self probing through contemplation and meditation. Once discovered and the rejection of the inaccurate belief is complete the dis-ease will slowly begin to recede. (Somewhat like looking at a stick in the grass and perceiving it to be a snake.) Until, then, though, we have to seek medical intervention to relieve our symptoms. I have had about 6 cortisone injections – right shoulder – snap! – left and right knees, left elbow – and they have always worked for me. The shoulder though also needed some short-term physical therapy just to get it moving into full range of motion. I hope your injection provides the same quick and blessed relief for you as it did for me.

    Keep up the good work.

    Warmest wishes,

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