Picture of the Day -“Wish you were here!”

Happy Thanksgiving, all my American peeps!

My husband and I celebrate both the Canadian holiday and the American one … so that means I get pumpkin pie today!!! 


  1. Darlin’ you don’t need excuses. One, you’ve already whispered this poet back to functionality on a dozen different levels over the three years of our blogacious sisterhood. Two, yet a-GAIN you are synchronization with first-wave ascension writers, who are telling us now the job is done, don’t wreck it by fixing perfection before it plays out, we need a break and should… Three, …rest. Plus, four, I love you 🤗

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  2. I haven’t checked your site lately, either — problems keeping my device charged — but right now a friend is (unbelievably!) running a charged battery down the hill to me at 6:30 every freezing morning so that I can have it before my shelter must be broken down for the day and this work can go on. That’s above and beyond the call!

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