Bio Moment – 34 Days

How is it that this year has moved at a snail’s pace and also sped by? It *almost* doesn’t feel real at all.

Last year, in 2019, my daughter suggested we postpone our usual yearly gathering for my grandson’s birthday because they were moving. Being so far away and all of us short on funds, it’s sometimes the only time we can hug in person. None of us were thrilled about it but it just had to be.

And so, May 2020 it would be. Except, as we all know by now, it wasn’t to be at all.

Which is why I haven’t been able to hug my grandson for nearly two years. Oh yeah, technology helps. But, as we also all know by now, it’s a poor substitute.

Same with the rest of my family who I may or may not have been able to see in person this last year, anyway… and certainly didn’t.

Once again thwarted by living a bazillion miles from everyone AND good ol’ 2020, year of the pandemic.

That wasn’t how I expected to begin this blog post. In fact, I made this cool meme thingy as a reminder of what I DID want to discuss.

See, the things is…

I need to get a grip.

Do you?

I made this handy-dandy list to remind myself of what I need to be doing before the end of the year. Maybe it will give you a boost, too?

All I know is that I can’t keep going on like I have been.

So, here’s what I’m doing:

I rejoined my favorite “outside of home” holiday tradition: The Little Drummer Boy Challenge. It’s so simple – You cannot hear the little guy’s song. Easy/peasy. In the five or more years I have been playing, I’ve only made it ONCE to the end (Christmas Eve Day) without hearing the lil’ percussionist. This year should be easy (she says wistfully) since we aren’t going out anywhere. But ya know, if it shows up in a tv commercial, you’re dead. And yes, there’s some… dark humor… which makes it oh-so-much more fun! So, ears perked, one-and-all!

Check it out here >>>>> people!

I have pretty-much finished up ye olde library! My newest acquisition is something I have *always* wanted but somehow never got – a bamboo chime. A friend was re-home-ing hers to a loving home and I am the lucky recipient!! Yay, me. This room has a lovely window I can open for breezes. I have three beautiful sets of chimes in here and the sound they make when they’re all dancing… magical.

I have one more painting to add, after I’ve had it framed. I won it from a local artist!! More on that later, I’m sure!

Just a short mention about one of the things on my list (which I wrote in my journal before making the meme)– to stop listening to fools. Who they are and whether or not you agree that they’re fools is not the point… the point simply is that *I* stop listening. Being an empath can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when a cacophony of voices are screaming out to be heard. And if those voices are angry? It’s enough to make me want to roll into the fetal position and stay there.

You guys, 2020 will be over soon enough … and if you’re like me… you’re wishing it GOOD RIDDANCE!

It also means it’s time to think about my word of the year for 2021. I will be writing about how the word “Clarity” played out for 2020. I certainly did get some… and it wasn’t all I expected it to be!

In case you want to see my list, here is a clearer photo of the meme for you:

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  1. Great post. Love the idea of making plans, not wishes. I will also be glad to see 2020 go, but as a testament to our resiliency, we got through. Tell your grandson I said HI! We will all be back to normal soon.

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