Easy like Sunday – You’re glowing!

My husband and I had a lovely Sunday-afternoon nap. I walked past “The Library,” which is really only the second bedroom in this two-bedroom abode, and was stunned by a glowing selenite unicorn horn.

Understand, the double-layered blackout-curtains were closed. The lights were off in the whole house and at this time of day in the winter, it’s starting to get darkish.

This is what I saw, as I stood in the doorway:

I stepped into the room and looked around. I was especially careful to check out the curtains:

See the teensy-tiny crack of light, at top? It created this!

According to my Crystal Healing Bible, Selenite is named for the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, because of the gentle white luster. It is a healing, gem quality variety of the common mineral gypsum. It is connected to the crown chakra.

So, what do you think of that? Neato? Somewhat interesting? Complete and utter horse pucky? For me… this unicorn horn was neato to begin with…

Now, it’s magical!


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