Remember this one?* – Selp-Helf

Set Realistic Expectatchons:

If you have high dreams and goals, you probly wont ever achieve them and you will get depressed. So hear is a list of realistic expectatchons you should have.

  • Breath
  • look
  • hear
  • wach TV
  • eat
  • potty
  • sit
  • read this book

Miranda Sings in Selp-Helf — (So yes, all those mistakes above are on purpose!)

Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings may have become an instant best-seller on Amazon but to Mirfandas, it was no surprise. And really, before I even begin… how big a star are you when your fans have a name that lands them in the Urban Dictionary? I mean, c’mon. Check out the link… for real!

Miranda Sings is not afraid to make fun of herself. Or anything else. She’s also not afraid to wear a red lip. And, by the way, her lips are fabulous.

Too bad there’s no such person as Miranda Sings. I mean, she’s a character of Colleen Ballinger‘s. She’d have to be, or this book would never fly. Cuz, yeah, it’s written… in an unusual way… and by this I mean with scribbled handwriting and drawings, along with photos of things like, uh, a tampon (no, it fits! It’s in the chapter on monthly lady time!).

It’s co-authored by Christopher Ballinger, who is Colleen’s brother, but not Miranda’s, if you know what I mean. So, his participation could be a little confusing if things like this confuse you. He’s not credited on the front of the book but is included throughout and has a short blurb on the back, inside jacket.


Most-everything is spelled wrong and it looks like a six-year-old put it together, which might be annoying, if you find those kinds of things annoying.

Did it make me laugh? Yes, yes it did. Take, for example, this photo of a drawing. It’s Miranda, being born.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. It’s the doctor’s face. And mom’s legs… and heck, it’s just funny. If you like that kind of thing. (<<< Did I go too far with this one?)

Honestly, I didn’t know who she was when I picked up the book. It was just… funny. But a little view into her website, linked above, and you will see she’s got quite the following!

It’s a cute book and intertaining… geez, I mean entertaining. It’s rubbing off on me! LOL And maybe today is just the kind of day to pick it up. No thinking required. No note-taking. No nothing. Just turn the pages, chuckle here and there, and set it down.

Actually, it would make a great bathroom book. And I don’t mean that in a bad way! Because, it would be a tough one to read straight through… you need to put it down and let stuff sink in. Not really, about the “sinking in” I mean. It’s not deep and no matter how hard I tried to find just one deep meaning, I couldn’t.

So, there ya go.

*Originally written by me for this blog on October 3, 2018

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