Happy 2021 – Simplicity

Let’s begin this year with wishes for a calm, peaceful, beautiful tomorrow and the tomorrows after that until we string together a beautiful year!

Below is the “grotto” behind a Catholic Church in town. I’ve talked about it before and it’s beautiful no matter what time of year.

It reminds me that beauty can be found – even on a gloomy New Year’s Day- in simple things.


  1. No, I didn’t get them but, crazy as things have been it’s a wonder I’m still online at all. Things are looking up since the Great Conjunction, though, that cannot be denied. Looks like a full move indoors, medicinal smoke and all, second week of the month. Now we’ll see whether true compatibility can be attained, fingers crossed. Tell you what — I’ll reply to all comments right now, so if an answer doesn’t come back, tell me & we’ll keep an eye on it together (and you’ll whisper some) 🌝 PS “Rebuilding is a way even better one)

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  2. Actually, it’s “rebuilding” so I bet you missed it. I’ve written a couple of responses checking up on you over on your site. Did you get them?And HI!!! Happy new year!! Love you! ❤️💜💙💚💛🤍

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