When it all gets to be too much – Barbie takes flight

Yeah, I know, adult coloring is soooooo last year! Well, head’s up, Buttercup. In my house(s) … it’s been “a thing” since… oh… FOREVER.

Funny story: I’ve always been this weird. End of story.


But seriously, I remember a “coloring story” from the very first year I was married, back in 1980, to a man I hardly knew (we eloped after, like, uh, a little less than two months after meeting).

We had this cool round coffee table my grandparents had given us. It was classic 1970’s, even though they’d bought it in the 1950s, I’m sure. It was solid pine and I LOVED it. It sat really close the ground and I used to sit at it to do all sorts of stuff.

(Slight digression: We kept that table through the lives of our children, who also loved to sit at it and do all sorts of stuff. It was a perfect puzzle-building, game-playing table for a family.)

Anyway, back to 1980: I had been coloring when my friend called and we decided on an impromptu trip for lunch and shopping.

When I returned home at 5ish, I found an upset new-husband.

“What is the meaning of THIS?” He asked, holding out the coloring book.

“What?” I responded, genuinely perplexed.

Not being a big talker, it took some time to get the story out of him… but here goes: He came home and I wasn’t there, which he expected. No cell phones back then, remember, so I couldn’t let him know where I was. He saw the coloring book and crayons on the table. The book was open to the page I’d been coloring, which just happened to be Barbie getting on a plane.

Friends and readers, he thought I’d left him. And, was telling him via classifed-coloring-message that only he would understand.

No kidding! This ***actually*** happened.

It was something we brought up from time-to-time… fondly?… not exactly… but he did see the humor… later. Actually, I think he was a little embarrassed. Me? I’m smiling at the memory right now… we were just… so young… and knew each other… not at all. Kids, don’t try this at home. Get to know someone you’re marrying. <<< The more you know.


So, here I am, forty years later! Still coloring, as you can see. Luckily, my second-and-final husband and I have learned a few things from our first marriages and actually talk about stuff before it gets to a “send message via coloring book” stage.

And… Move over Barbie! There’re CATS in town! Love the adult coloring books but am not above an old-fashioned Scooby, Brady Bunch or Barbie, if the mood strikes.

We’re on full lockdown here and one needs to keep themselves busy… KWIM? But it’s not just when we’re forced that we need to come up with things to fill time, tickle the funny bone, or get the creative juices flowing.

What are YOU doing?

Oh, do you want to see the finished product? Here you go! I’m a little unhappy with the green but can try again on the opposite page, as you can see. It’s a mirror image of the other page! Yay, for second chances. Also, note to self: Quit being such a perfectionist!

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