Sacred Contracts – Jumping off a cliff

“Our individual souls hum actively within a kind of global soul comprising all life on the planet. Our words, thoughts, deeds, and visions influence our individual health just as they affect the health of everyone around us. As a vital part of a larger, universal spirit, we each have been put here on earth to fulfil a Sacred Contract that enhances our personal spiritual growth while contributing to the evolution of the entire global soul.”― Caroline Myss

I meant to write about Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss a long time ago. Of course, there’s a story about that…

Back in 2003, when I was staying with my parents, my mother bought this book for me. I brought it home to Canada and devoured it, page-by-page. I created The Archetypal Wheel and Chart of Origin. I kept it all safely packed away until the day… well… it was a day that two things converged in a way that led me to toss the charts and give the book away. First, I was in a purging/ destroying place, which normally happens (in my world) once or twice a year. Second, my mother mentioned that she no longer liked the book. At least, that’s what I thought I remembered. More on that in a moment. (And, yeah, I know… confusing. Hang tight!)

Anyway, the book and charts went permanently bye-bye.

You may be asking yourself… and I wouldn’t blame you… “If your mother told you to jump off a cliff, would you?” Fair question. The answer is … um … yes? Wait. That’s another question. I do tend to follow my mother’s advice, ’tis true. You know her almost as well as I do by now, since she’s been mentioned so many times around here. What can I say? She’s super important in my life and yes, I listen to her.

But here’s the kicker! She doesn’t remember saying it and in fact, insists she didn’t!


You mean, I threw away the wheel and chart that I’d worked SOOOOO HARD on based on something that didn’t even happen???? Yes. Yes, I did.

That chart/ wheel thingy is the one thing I remembered through the years, even after reviewing the book again to write this post (I found a copy at a local thrift store).

Ah, well. Sometimes, you just gotta accept that you did a dumb thing and move on with life, eh?


*Deep breath*

More about the book…

It has the potential to be life changing. I remember feeling that way, too, all those years ago. I absolutely loved it!

Plus, Myss herself is a powerhouse and a prolific creator! <<< Follow this link to see everything she’s done.

If I were to distill the nearly 400 pages of this book into a sentence, it would say something like…

Myss takes myth, archetypes, spiritual insight, psychology, cultural traditions (phew!) and then guides you to weave all of it into a tangible tapestry of your life on paper, or cardboard, which is what I used. (I went and got one of those big … what do they call it? … Bristol board? Pink. I remember it so well. It was *that* important to me back then.)

And yes, I think I’ve learned my lesson about purging and destroying but one never knows. I’ve said that at least a dozen times. I hate clutter. But more than that, I can’t function in it. So, yeah, no promises.

You might wonder if I recreated the wheel and chart? No. No, I didn’t. Not that it wouldn’t be worth it because I know it would be! I’m just feeling lazy these days. I probably WILL do it one day. I’ll let you know!

I would be remiss not to mention (way down here at the end) that Myss is what is called a Medical Intuitive (link to a neat article about the subject) and as such, has her detractors, for sure! Some think she’s a full-on lala head and goofball. Me? You know me. I keep my mind open to everything.

So … there you go! I liked it a LOT! It’s written very well and she’s NO goofball!

Will you be creating your own Archetypal Wheel and Chart of Origin? Let me know!

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