Spirit Animals – A conversation with OWL

Yeah, I’m on a solid “animal kick” right now, as I finish up the last of my animal communication classes on Tuesday. What a joy they have been! And yes, I’ve learned a lot about our animal friends.

After listening to my mentor (and dear friend, MB) talk about animal oracle cards, I decided to get some for myself. I researched and prayed about the best one’s for me. I think that’s super important because there are TONS AND TONS of cards out there. You want to get cards that will speak to you. I ended up with the Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper. I absolutely love them! The art is beautiful (as you can see by the featured photo) and the little book that comes with them gives just enough information to whet your appetite and get you excited to find out more on your own!

(If any of this sounds familiar so far, it’s because I have mentioned the cards before! I assure you though, this is a brand new post!)

So, armed with my cards, I finally decided to seriously figure out who my animal guide is, assuming I have one, and certainly believing that I do! I’d taken silly quizzes on Facebook and more serious tests online and came up with Deer. Who wouldn’t want to be gentle Deer? But seriously, I always knew that it wasn’t me. I thought about Turtle, too, because I’ve always had an affinity for them, what with their ability to amble slowly and carry their safe-place on their backs. Sounds about right, she says with a hint of sarcasm. <<< Crap, I lapsed into third person. Never a good sign.

So, the other day, I took out my cards, said a prayer (a reminder that all things come from God, at least in my mind) and shuffled the deck… and again… and again. Then I cut the cards and put my hand over the deck, gently lifting the top card.

Hello, Mr. Owl!

Owl’s Archangel is Bhokpi, who in all honesty, I’d never heard of! First thing I found out is that Archangel Bhokpi is the angel in charge of the bird kingdom. I had some reading to do!

But first… I closed my eyes and asked Owl if he had any messages for me. He said, “Trust me. Trust in nature and God, space and earth and trees. We all have your best interests at heart. Surround yourself with light and knowledge. It’s all connected.

I remember this because I wrote it down. I cannot stress this enough! When you sit down to work with any modalities within the spiritual world – including dreams, cards, or Bible study – get out a journal and pen. Plan to write. I have found that I get my greatest messages and gifts from what I’ve written in a stream-of-consciousness way. Or, if you’re really not a writer, a recorder (can be found on most mobile phones) will do. Say whatever comes to mind. Whether you write or talk, stay honest. If you’re thinking, “This is stupid!” Write it or say it. I guarantee that if you write or say every thought… somewhere in there will be a nugget. I learned this from my Morning Pages, thanks to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Then I looked in the little book that came with the cards, and jotted down a few notes about what Owls represent:

  • Wisdom
  • Teachers
  • Protective
  • Work with (and are helped by) Cats
  • Remember the following:
    • Use knowledge carefully
    • This is a sacred mission
    • More impact than I realize

Then, I went online and found a couple of neat offerings:

Diana Cooper has a FREE 3-part class on The Archangel Guide to the Animals HERE, if you’re interested.

For another (diverse) view, try this site: The Owl Spirit Animal!

And finally, I thought about what Owls represent to me:

  • Winnie-the-Pooh’s Owl is wise but flawed, as are all the characters in the stories, which is what I LOVE so much about them. He’s a pontificator… which… um… could be a little like I am sometimes. Ha! Ya think?
  • Harry Potter’s Hedwig – the bringer of news. Beautiful, strong and loyal. Spiritual.
  • Debbie, my friend and beautiful angel in heaven, had a very large collection of owls in her house because her mother collected them. I never see owls without thinking of Joan. Debbie’s parents were an important part of my life back in the early days of my adulthood. I spent a lot of time at her house with my first husband, who knew her before I did. Later, her dad was our landlord for one of my fave houses, ever. It had a fireplace in the kitchen. Such a cool house! Anyway, they had a stellar collection of ceramic, glass and macrame´owls who watched over them. (Who. That’s a pun, folks!) They were good people, Jim & Joan. And, Debbie. All are in heaven together now.
  • Winged Creatures – I have this thing about wanting to be a bird in my next life, not that I think I get to make that kind of choice. Still, to coast over earth with outstretched wings seems like heaven to me. I went through an eagle phase in the late 1990s and still adore them. Such beauty and grace! Heck, I’d be a parakeet if they didn’t have to stay in a cage. I want to fly! That’s the thing I’m getting to… I want to fly!

So for me, owls represent innate wisdom… but don’t get cocky. They are incredibly strong but can be broken. Naturally beautiful but also dangerous, if backed into a corner. They are birds-of-prey, which means they hunt and can fend for themselves. Look at all I can learn from them!

Oh, and finally, if there’s the possibility that cats work with them (if only spiritually) then I’m even happier. I adore – adore – adore cats! As you know.


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