Wisdom in Words – Say What?

Once upon a time, I went on this cool website to showcase my photos, which I took every day on the way to work. The site is called Instagram. Are you there, too? If so, let’s follow each other!!

Ahem… anyway… to get back to my story…

When I wasn’t working, I’d drive around purposely or aimlessly, snapping shots of whatever grabbed at my artistic eye, which actually sounds painful, now that I’ve typed it.

See, I’m told I have “an eye” for photography … and as I look through the hundreds of photos I’ve shared (all over social media, including here on this blog), I have to say (if I may be so bold) I do! I can see something in the corner of someone’s yard that nobody would ever think of as art. A fence top, toppled statue, or a mud puddle can turn into a scene of beauty. Pretty cool, actually!

It doesn’t hurt that I also live in a stunningly beautiful region surrounded by two of my fave things: blessed water and trees! And, there are four very distinct seasons, which wasn’t the case in my beloved California. So, yeah, I’m blessed! Lots and lots of scenery to admire and capture! Here are some you may not have seen. All are mine. Note: I now sign all the photos I share.

About three months ago, I started adding little wisdom sayings to my Instagram page. Now, I’m adding them every other day or so. And, I’m making them myself by creating online or literally drawing them out with ink and paper! I even bought some special pens! Although the super-fancy metallic pens haven’t arrived yet and I’m getting super-antsy!

Want to see some of them?

I really want to learn actual calligraphy. Pinterest has a lot of neat examples, websites and trainings. Are you on Pinterest, by the way? Let’s follow each other there, too! I am HERE. I know, I’m shameless. In fact, I’m all over the place as The Self-Help Whisperer®. Twitter? There. YouTube? Facebook? There, there. Tried Tic Tok for a flat second, along with … um… oh yeah, Tumblr. Both were like… no. Not for me.

You know, I went and looked up social media sites and there are so many I’d never heard of… look at this article for a list of the top 21. It’s crazy!

But yes, I digress.

All I’m trying to say is that I’m out there trying all sorts of things to get growing and would love to see you if you’re out there, too!

Also, I’m liking this creation process, even if it’s just writing meaningful words.

So, what is YOUR inspiration? Share in the comments! If you’re also trying to get your name out there… what do you do? Let’s compare notes!

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on… and hope to see you here, there or the other place(s). We need to stick together, you(s) and I.

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