Picture(s) of the Day – Dry Dock

After a wicked migraine and all-night neck-wrenching from Hannah (see why in this post) I finally felt well enough to get out and snap some photos. It is a stunningly gorgeous day!

I stopped at Starbucks and picked up a cafe´latte and protein box (Yum! I love a good hard-boiled egg, don’t you?) and drove around snapping whatever tickled my fancy. Like, look at this tree!!

As I was just about ready to go home, I ended up up at the dry docks.

Of course, there are no boats out on the lake… well, maybe WAAAAAAY out there somewhere… but certainly not pleasure craft, that’s for darned sure. Maybe ghost ships.

To begin with… the ramp looks a little slippery!

Take a look at these shots, snapped going north and south. Man, I love boats! There’s something almost prehistoric about seeing them out of water. I know, I tend toward the dramatic but seriously, it’s like they’re all grounded, which of course THEY ARE!

On days like today, I can almost bear the winter. It’s kinda cold.

Good thing I bundled up! Brrrrrrrr

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