Miranda’s Daily Dose of SUCH FUN! – A NOT Easy like Sunday

I was really, REALLY looking forward to Miranda’s Daily Dose of SUCH FUN! by Miranda Hart. It took eons to get here, which was sad because it’s a dated, day-to-day, devotional style book and I missed the first week of January because it hadn’t arrived. I’d ordered from (Canadian) Amazon (Yeah! There’s such a thing!) but apparently, it was shipped from across the pond. Such a bummer.

In preparation, I’d joined the Facebook group devoted to the book. The rules were clear: Talk about the daily activities from the book. And that, it seems, was where the first problems occurred. Well, aside from receiving the book late.

But as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me begin with a short history of Miranda: She’s fantabulous!

Now for the longer version: Miranda Hart is a stand-up comedian and actor with a quirky, wonderful show called (what else?) Miranda. In it, she is the star and stands out… and why wouldn’t she? She’s a tall, full-figured woman, both beautiful and goofy suffering the kinds of problems we all have… and a few we don’t.

She has a troubled, hilarious relationship with her mother. Her best friend is drop-dead gorgeous and the perfect foil. The man of her dreams is the man of every woman’s dreams, the also drop-dead gorgeous Tom Ellis. In fact, she is surrounded by a stellar cast of beauties and oddballs and fits right in.

And yet, she is vulnerable and human in every sense of the word. I just adore her!

We laugh with her and maybe even cry a little. Especially at the end of the series when she finally gets her man. But now I’m getting ahead of my getting ahead!

Yes, this little book is dated and yes, I’ve read through the whole thing, right through to December. There is nothing deep here, nor is there supposed to be.

And yet…

At first, I was on board, although a little late to the party, as stated above. With ideas like air-drumming, rolling down a hill and doing a “filmic” pose with your pet (think Spaghetti a’la “Lady & The Tramp” with your cat). The daily activities are mostly pure silliness. And boy, we sure can use some silliness after the year we’ve had, eh?

The one downside: It’s a little UK-centric as I can’t even “give a lollipop to a lollipop lady” as I don’t know what a lollipop lady is.

That said, it’s mostly a sweet, easy-to-digest book that sold for £8.99 in the UK and $17.99 in Canada. I didn’t complain about the price, especially when I found out there was a Facebook group to compliment it. That’s where the problems began and I think it’s worth discussing.

It started out okay. Miranda actually came on board and shared her message for the new year and added the bit about staying on topic with the activities in the book. The numbers grew quickly and pretty soon, there were 10,000 members. Here we are a month in and already, there is a large group in exodus because of those “staying on topic” rules.

People being people, some needed friends or support or simply a safe place to land. Their dog died or they’re scared about Covid or myriad other issues that invaded their day. They’d write. Someone would respond. Soon, another would come on and say, “Um. Hey. Aren’t we supposed to stay on topic?” and then there’d be a message from the moderator saying, “Remember folks, this page was created to talk about the book, etc. etc. etc.,” which would begin another round of comments. Finally, someone actually created a sister-group (kinda, since Miranda has nothing to do with it) and allows any-and-all sorts of silliness under a banner of Miranda’s face.

I mean… c’mon… the drama.

Now, here’s the thing. As you can tell, I LOVE Miranda, the woman and her television show. I expected to love the book and the experience of being on Facebook with like-minded people just trying to get through this pandemic.

Not what happened.

Look, Hart never promised a heavy-hitter. It isn’t Anna Karenina and isn’t supposed to be. It is, however, a little less than I expected. I’m disappointed. And yes, I think my experience on the Facebook page fed into it.

It’s not BAD. It’s just… not what I expected.

For example, on August 8, we are told:

Sometimes it’s good to get messy. Let go of the inner control freak. Let the family cause a bit of a mess in the kitchen and don’t immediately clean it up.

Eat ice cream and jelly with chopsticks.

That’s the entire day’s entry.

Yes, I get the silliness. Yes, it has its place. Maybe THIS BOOK **is** that place. It’s not like I have a book published. Who do I think I am, anyway.

This post is sooooo difficult to write. You can probably tell. And it brings up all sorts of questions about the internet and groups and finding what you need online, which we’re all having to do these days. I’m probably over-thinking. I tend to do that, you know.

If you have the book or get it and disagree with me… PLEASE set me straight! I really, REALLY want to love it!

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